Interactive Exclusive: UK Based Artistes Eloho and Toye Meet Praiseworld Radio

Toye D Toye & Eloho

Toye D Toye & Eloho

Priscilla, CANADA — I am so blessed to be featuring two awesome Nigerians living in the UK {TOYE OLAYINKA and ELOHO EFEMUAI} which makes it my first ‘UK Exclusive Interview-Yah!! {To all my UK friends and supporters- Here you go!}

I am sure you will enjoy this special two- in-one Exclusive Interview and I decided to introduce the ‘fist-time-interactive chat’ {Stop thinking about that and just read! Laughs!} {Sorry Toye}… Ladies First!! {grinning}


I was first attracted by her natural beauty and her profile on Praiseworld Radio website; I read and listened to her song-‘ARISE’ and ever since, my mind had been on her, but just did not know how to approach her.

I just love confident people that know how to take the reins. Deeply humbled with the fact that she asked me to do an exclusive on her -In my mind- I went like- ‘are you kidding me?’ I would be a fool to turn down that polite request, excited because she simplified my job. (ssshh! don’t tell her that LOL!} …

A great, anointed, confident, charming and sweet woman, though we haven’t met, told her the day I finally find the time to visit the UK, she will be my first point of contact and she said YES!! Yah!!

A worship pastor and program coordinator of Heartsong; a charity whose mission is to stir up the kind of worship that touches God and transforms lives; by hosting praise and worship events in the city of Aberdeen with renowned and upcoming worship leaders.

A mum of three beautiful children; twins inclusive and a sister to the popular AMATAS in the Nigerian Movie Industry. And I need to say this Eloho, I went through your website and I laughed reading through your Bio.

Too funny! You should visit her website and see for yourself. .I recommend you read with an occasional chilled glass of Juice and Peanuts!

Eloho on the mic

Eloho on the mic

Praiseworld – Please tell us about your salvation experience?

ELOHO -I was born into a Christian home, went to church with my parents, was baptized into Anglican church, my mum told me that when I was nine years old, an evangelist came to our city made an altar call and I asked her if I could go, she said ‘yes’.

So I did actually give my life to Jesus when I was 9 but of course I didn’t live the life as you’d hear When it was time to go to secondary school I went to an all-girls catholic school and I converted to Catholic. Became baptized, first Holy Communion and was even Confirmed. I guess I was searching for something.

I was like every other teenage girl though Lol! After secondary school went to live with my big sister in Lagos and she used to attend TREM. Went with her to one of the services and it was there I realized I wasn’t saved.

The fact that I was a catholic member, baptized etc., didn’t make me saved. I didn’t know Jesus personal, didn’t have the Holy Spirit. So that day sometime in 1991, I surrendered completely to Jesus.

On getting to the university and I thought wow! Freedom from home and my big sister {laughs} I started the partying and general university life. Didn’t drink or smoke though. Just enjoyed partying and making lots of noise! Had a group of friends and we were known on campus for our late nights.

However in all of these, I always used to feel really bad especially when I got the looks from the ‘SU’ {scripture union} people in school. I would cry at nights and beg God for forgiveness, each time I went back home on holidays, I would cry in church.

Finally one of those days in school, I broke down in front of one of the ‘SU’ pastors, he prayed for me, I got baptized in the Holy Spirit and lived the remaining years in university as a Born again, spirit filled, tongue talking, demon chasing believer laughs!

elo Praiseworld – Hummn! Quite a story and a testimony! Like I’m watching a Movie. LOL! Thank God for your life. More grace ma’am.

We understand that you have been singing since you were a child. You were in a singing group throughout every phase it seems. What prevented you from kick starting your music career officially until last year February?

ELOHO – I believe in timing. It wasn’t just the right time; I believe God wanted to take me through a process. I did actually attempt doing stuff in 2001/2002. {Laughs}Worked with an NGO then and my boss had purchased a studio from a couple who were selling off theirs.

I produced about 2 or 3 demos. Sang one in my church in Port Harcourt and that was it. I did not push it any further. I just wanted to remain a worship leader in church.

Praiseworld – Oh wow! I’m a strong believer of timing too. Your song-Arise is one of those special songs that grow on you, in other words, the more you listen, the more you love and identify with the song. Tell me, what inspired your song- Arise- 

ELOHO – Hummn! Indeed, it is one of those rare songs. I produced Arise in Feb 2013 but released in June. It keeps growing. Each time I minister, there’s always a new revelation. Arise was born out of all I had been through and it is also prophecy fulfilled.

I was a worship pastor for over 5 years and not one, not two but several words of prophecies were declared over me concerning producing an album.

However in mid-2012, things turned sour and I suffered rejection which affected me in so many ways. I lost my self-confidence and saw myself less than God sees me. Stopped believing in myself and rather believed the lies of the devil.

It was a really rough period, but in all of that I felt God’s love and approval over me. I was seeking man’s approval rather than God’s. I was seeking to please man rather than God but when my focus shifted from man to God, He reminded me of His words and I knew I had to do this because of where He had brought me from and wanting to respond to Him in worship.

I wanted to inspire others to worship Him and not give up on their dreams because of discouragements and challenges.

Praiseworld – Oh wow! I’m finding it hard to believe you lost your self-confidence at a point, it’s not sinking in. LOL! I think I prefer it not sinking in…

Still talking about your ministry, You have been blessed to mentor other worshippers and singers judging from people’s testimonies… What do you consider your primary assignment in the lives of these people you mentor?

ELOHO – Hmmmm! my primary assignment I would say is to inspire, support, and encourage them to do what God has designed them to do. 

Praiseworld – What’s your most memorable experience as a worship leader?

ELOHO – It was a few years ago when I was still the worship pastor in my local assembly, I was leading the worship session when this lady in attendance rushed to the stage screaming, held me and was just crying, weeping and worshipping and the whole atmosphere changed.

Later on, she told me that the power of God in me and in her matched and was pulling down the presence of God. And God laid a verse of scripture in her heart 1 Sam 3:11. She said that encounter completely transformed her life. I will never forget that experience.

Praiseworld – That must have been a deep experience. I heard  you are a wedding planner too! Which comes first for you? Wedding planning or music? Why and how do you combine both?

ELOHO – Hahahahha! Hmmmm! I am a natural planner, which woman isn’t? {Laughing} I just love and enjoy planning, organizing and coordinating. Wedding planning is just a hobby. Besides, where did you get that info? {Laughs}Didn’t realize it was public! Well I am able to combine my planning skills with my music ministry as it does involve a lot of planning and organization.

PW- {laughing hard) I will gladly borrow your words- “Never underestimate the power of the Media” At least my source was right that you do plan weddings, Well, I’m married already, if not, you would have planned mine. LOL! Women are indeed blessed. Who says we are not super-women?

Talking about your family, has your husband always been supportive of your music? And are there times when your music has somewhat interfered with your family obligations? 

ELOHO-Oh yes! He has been, if not for his support, ‘Arise’ and Heartsong /Engage Projects would have only been dreams. He actually gave me the push when I gave up on everything. And oh yes it has interfered o!! Lol! But wisdom is profitable to direct. He is my covering, my head and my first ministry is to him o!! Lol! So at such times, I humble myself even if I feel terrible.

PraiseworldOkay let me use this opportunity to say God bless all husbands and potential husbands out there supporting their wives and potential wives in their ministry- {Shoutout to my Honey boo! I know you’re going to read this – you always do! {Kisses and hugs} sorry Eloho for digressing, your response got to me.

Eloho & Priscilla (laughing) Toye:  (shaking his head)

Praiseworld – Okay moving on, considering that your brothers- Fred & Zack Amata successes in the movie industry, did you ever consider going that path too? Why or why not?

ELOHO – Yeah I did and would really have loved to. I even starred in two movies one by ‘Ruke’ and the other by ‘Jeta.’ But I guess that wasn’t God’s plan for me. I used to be very shy and hated pretending. So it was hard getting into character. 

Praiseworld – Oh Wow! Have you ever thought of featuring in a music movie?{If YES, kindly feature me too . . . LOL}

ELOHO – Yes! I’d love to as well as feature alongside Darlene Zschech and you of course LOL*

Praiseworld – Yah!!! She’s gonna feature me! Watch out people. {Laughs} Oh goodness gracious! I’ve never laughed so much in an interview session like this. Madam ELOHHOOOOO! Honestly can’t wait to see you!

ELOHO-{Laughs, can’t wait to see you too}

Praiseworld – {serious interview look & voice tone}What’s the gospel music scene like in the UK compared to Nigeria?

ELOHO-I believe music is the same everywhere, target audience differs. So what will appeal to Nigerians will not necessarily appeal to the Europeans.  

Praiseworld -That’s so true. So tell me who your favorite  gospel artistes are?

ELOHO-I love Hillsong, Darlene Zschech, William Mcdowell, Israel Houghton, Nicole Mullen, Tasha Cobbs, Natalie Grant, Kari Jobe, Kim Walker to name a few

Praiseworld – Great! And what will your next project be?

ELOHO – There’s so much on my plate at the moment (laughing) but immediate project would be the annual worship night I organize tagged ‘Engage’. That comes up on the 23rd of August. Looking forward to it with great excitement.

Praiseworld – I know. Hopefully I can make it as well as I would love to attend. There is this question I love asking artists- my naughty question-Any embarrassing/ memorable moment on stage you want to share?

ELOHO-Forgetting my lyrics on stage and I cried (laughing)

Praiseworld- Awwwwh! Do not beat yourself up. It happened to Pastor Donnie too. {Laughing} Tell us 5ive things you want us to know about you?


  • I love my family to bits, they are my world
  • Have the 3 most adorable kids Nathan who is 10. Aimee and Josh who are twins and are 3 years old
  • I love drinking malt, been trying to quit…Arghhhhh! {laughs}
  • I love perfumes. My best gift ever {laughs}
  • I treasure friendships

Praiseworld – Ahh! Someone is addicted. (Laughs) What’s your favourite Perfume? Eloho- {Laughs} trying to quit okay… Favourite perfume is “Beautiful” by Estee Lauder

Praiseworld – Amen… Nice, nice, nice perfume. Oh before I forget, want to know how you heard about Praiseworld radio?

ELOHO-Ermmm! I believe it’s via twitter- The power of Social Media (laughs)

Praiseworld – {laughing} of course..Any final words or shoutout?-

ELOHO-Special thanks all those that believe in me and who have been supporting me and to everyone who has a dream or a vision, ‘Don’t give up, or give in’ there’s too much in you to go to waste. Much love




If you are a consistent fan of US gospel singer-Fred Hammond, then you will agree with me ‎that Toye is our Nigerian Fred Hammond! I stand to be corrected.

Toye is a friend, brother, strong vocalist, worship leader and a preacher that I respect a lot. I quietly monitor his ministry by following him everywhere. Sssshh! don’t let on our secret! (Laughs) When Toye mounts any stage, the atmosphere automatically changes; it’s electrifying and you feel God’s presence everywhere.

I think I prefer his stage ministrations more. #MyOpinion! You won’t quite grasp what I really mean until you attend His live ministrations. His new single -Great God is currently making waves in the UK. Great God made me see and hear another side of Toye that is quite new.

Even with that, you can’t but still hear those Fred Hammond feels which comes naturally to him. #Respect… He also has a falsetto that is smooth and flawless for a man! Here is Toye sharing thingzzz!!!


Praiseworld – Please describe Toye Olayinka in one word…

TOYE- ‎Charismatic!

PW- No dispute about that. Talking about your ministry- (TOM)

“Toye-Olayinka Ministries” is a multi-faceted ministry that discovers, develops & deploy potentials in people.) Did you have a personal experience that led you to the point where you desired to help others discover their full potential?

Toye-‎ Yes I sure did. When I gave my life to Christ years ago, I began to ask God what exactly my life is about; what He wants me to do; what my calling is, He began to reveal to me that ‘I am a Kingmaker and a stage setter!’And by that, I mean someone who sees the potential in others by helping them to realize (if they don’t know already) and fulfill their purpose in life.

Over the years, I’ve found myself in leadership positions and been given responsibilities that also centered on that.

In addition, I also noticed that there’s so much God has placed on the inside of everyone and so many people doing great and incredible stuffs as well as people who have great stuffs to offer, but very few people are selfless enough to help them nurture it or set the stage for them to manifest or deliver it.

Praiseworld – Hummn! Thats a great thing to do. God bless your ministry. 

TOYE– Amen!

Praiseworld -So tell us about your first ministering experience.

Toye D Toye

Toye D Toye

TOYE- Oh my! That was years ago. (laughs)It was really interesting and I still cherish the moment. At that time, I was the head of the youth ministry of my local church and we had an Easter event coming up in church which we had to minister so I decided we would act a play and do a song.

I wrote the song and acted in the play as well. Hahaha! That was actually the first song I ever wrote. I think lots of people were dazed that I could sing because they knew me to be the actor boy. Hahahah! Memories mehn!

Praiseworld – I know! {LOL!} But that’s the first time I’m knowing that you act too. Wow! Trying to imagine you acting! Not sinking in. Oh well, now I know who to call for my ‘Tyler Perry’ music movie! (both laughing) How did you discover your purpose in ministry?

TOYE- In the place of prayer and service. God speaks to your heart or reveals it to your heart and while you serve you get to understand it more and clearly. I do believe that the discovery of purpose is by revelation and takes a process.

For instance I did not start out as a worship leader or music minister or preacher, I once served as an usher, member of the theatre ministry, youth leader and so on.

Praiseworld – Okay moving on, tell us, what’s your perception about secular music? Will you listen to them? Why or why not?

TOYE-Hmmm! I do think some of the folks who do secular take it very seriously and work it really good.

I do sometimes listen to some songs that you wouldn’t call Church or Christian or Gospel but contain good and clean lyrics or message and if I’m going to be honest with you, there have been moments when I’ve had to really caution myself not to listen to some again that haven’t got nice & clean content.

Reality is, music is a universal language and irrespective of the content, if the writer/producer of the song works it really well you can find yourself rockin’ to a tune that pollutes your spirit because it sounds really good. {Blood of Jesus! LOL!}

Praiseworld – Ahhhh! Pastor Toyeeeee! {laughing hard!} I’m not there o! (NaOnlyYouWakaComeO!!) ‎(both laughing) but seriously, there are some solid inspirational music out there and  some secular musicians do a perfect job with passion and zeal and that’s why their music are generally irresistible.

Which brings me to the question of- ‘Are gospel musicians there yet when it comes to producing music compared to the zeal at which secular musicians use?”… on another note, I think I will leave this question for the Interactive segment with Eloho.

If you were to choose between playing instruments, singing and  preaching? What would it be?

TOYE-‎ Now that’s a difficult one. (laughs)I think I will go for preaching‎.

Toye doing his thing on stage

Toye doing his thing on stage

Praiseworld-‎ Really? Did not see that coming. Oh well…Please no option for choosing, by all means, do all three.(laughs) And to my favorite part- How did you meet your wife and how were you convinced she was the one.

TOYE- (Grinning and blushing) Wow!‎ She was told by a friend about this dude who ministered and anchored this event that turned out to be very good, curious to find out, checked me on Facebook and added me, I accepted her friend request obviously feeling like the star (laughing) For some reason when I accepted her request, I decided to check out her profile

Praiseworld – Hummn! {Clearing my clogged throat}

Toye continues- {laughs} saw some cool musical stuffs more especially a project she did with the Borough of Southpark – that caught my attention. Afterwards I saw her online and I decided to say hello and we got chatting…..

Funny thing is when we met, I wasn’t looking to go into any romantic relationship with any lady or sister so thinking or trying to figure out if she’s the one wasn’t on my mind or agenda.We discovered that we share a lot in common, became very good friends and at some point I kinda thought to myself “hey you like her isn’t it?” but I still didn’t allow myself to think too much about it.

But something interesting and remarkable happened the very first time I was going to speak to God about it, before I could finish my first statement to God about the issue in prayer, God spoke to me clearly and expressly.

Praiseworld – HUMMMMMMN!!!!!

TOYE {Smiling} He gave me a scripture from the book of Genesis and to be honest with you, it answered literally all the questions and doubts on the relationship and our future together. That was when I knew this is it!!!

Praiseworld – Hummn! Power of social network. (Laughing) Wow! That was interesting. Congrats to you both. You look more relaxed. Secret of having a wife….Thanks to her…

{Toye laughing}

Praiseworld -Tell us, what inspired the song, GREAT GOD?

TOYE- My struggles, my pain and victories over the years. I was in the studio on this particular day listening to my first official single final mix and the producer started playing on the keys and memories of how bad life had been flooded my mind and I saw where I was and I couldn’t but be grateful and knew only a GREAT GOD could have turned such a mess around into glory.
Praiseworld – Heard GREAT GOD was  No 5 on Reverbnation, How did you feel about that?
TOYE- Feels good to be honest. It’s actually #1 on Christian/Gospel for the city of Northampton & # 3 in the UK.
Praiseworld – What would you say your greatest satisfaction has been in ministry? 
TOYE-Nothing in ministry brings me joy like seeing people really blessed, changed and living purpose.
Praiseworld – Are you satisfied with the point you have reached in life? Explain… 
TOYE--No not at all. The simple explanation to that is there’s more God has placed within me, there’s more He has for me to do and He can do through me so all these years before now was my preparatory stage or phase.There are prophecies about life and ministry that are yet to come to pass so though I am very grateful for how far He’s brought me I am no way satisfied

Praiseworld  How did you hear about Praiseworld Radio?

TOYE-Via the Internet.

Praiseworld- Thanks Toye for your time.. I appreciate that.



Toye and his pretty ivorian wife

Toye and his pretty ivorian wife

========================================================================================================== PW-So how and when did you both meet?

ELOHO- Well Toye (laughing) I saw him at a concert in September 2011 at a praise event in Milton Keynes, Bro Toye do you remember?

TOYE-Oh yeah I remember us meeting first at that event in Milton Kenyes. It was such a blessed time of worship and ministry.

ELOHO-Can’t remember if we were officially introduced though or even if we spoke hehehe! But my goodness when I heard him preach, I was like who is this with so much boldness?

So I got back and located him on facebook and added him as a friend and began to ‘stalk’ him. Hahahaha! Just kidding, I just began following his ministry and his radio program then. Do you remember when I was preparing for my concert in 2012 ‘Worship like Incense’ and you wanted to interview me on your show about it?

TOYE-Can’t believe it’s almost 2 years now. Oh my…!! That night was heavily anointed. She nailed it. (Laughing) The very first thing I noticed about her was her simplicity and honestly heaven responded to and honored her ministration that night.


PW- WOW!! Have you attended each other’s live performances?

ELOHO– No I haven’t but I am so looking forward to seeing him live whoop whoop!!

TOYE-Not yet, I was going to attend her annual worship meeting last year but I couldn’t. However my travel tickets and hotel accommodation are booked already for this year’s. I ain’t missing it. No way hahaha!!

ELOHO-Oh wow! Bro Toye that is awesome. Thank you for the support. I appreciate you truly


PW- Eloho, your song was #1 recently on Reverbnation. I learnt Toye informed you; I want to hear about it please.

ELOHO- I am still amazed about that {laughs} Well, I was just going to ask him a question and buzzed him on Facebook and after all the greetings he goes “I see you- our Oga at the top now! Levels don change oh, {laughs}, Congratulations sis.” I was confused and asked- “me? How bro? “And he said you are #1 on the chart. I was like “it’s a lie, what chart?” And he said ‘Reverbnation now’ I said “serious?” He said ‘yea, go check it out,’ and so I did and I was like screaming and asking him how it happened {laughs}

He then said it was a credible thing I should go ahead and share it on Facebook which I did. To tell you the truth, I still am in shock as I don’t know how it happened. Toye did explain about song plays, ratings, fans etc. But there are others on the chart that have all of these in excess.

Like Toye said, God did it. And I am indeed grateful to Him for honouring me this way.

TOYE– (Laughing). Can you imagine she was topping the chart but she didn’t know? SMH! {Shaking my head} Honestly I was happy when I saw it, I love to see genuine people go far, make impact and I also believe that women in ministry and life have so much stuff to bring to the table so when I see one of them like Eloho our “mother in da Lord” (laughs) it excites me and I support as much as it lies within my capacity to do so.

Praiseworld – You know it’s so beautiful and amazing to see gospel artistes and Christians support and encourage one another as opposed to jealousy, strife and competition. I love that.

And that’s how to know who will eventually go really far. Kudos and greater heights to you both. I also would love to add as mentioned earlier that Toye’s song -Great God is #3 on the Christian/Gospel for the city of Northampton & #1 in the UK.


PraiseworldLooking at the intensity and passion that secular artistes’ use in preparing for a performance and album, do you think, gospel artistes have gotten there?

TOYE-Gospel music isn’t doing bad at all and keeps getting better. However one other thing I will say is if it’s Gospel, keep it Gospel, why? Because the gospel has power in itself and of itself, don’t mix it.

Praiseworld – Hummn! Word!!!!

ELOHO – I believe it’s a work in progress and so many artistes out there are putting a lot of effort to do things excellently. We are getting there sis. Give us time {laughs}

Praiseworld -{laughing} Okay, I agree. Shout out to all gospel artistes working so hard to produce excellent music…

God bless y’all


Eloho and her lovely family

Eloho and her lovely family

Praiseworld – knowing you are both married: Eloho with three kids[twins inclusive} and Toye who recently got married to his Ghanaian Queen, how do you both balance Ministry and family?

========================================================================================================== TOYE- Hey, I will sue you Oh! Hahaha! My wife isn’t Ghanaian she’s Ivorian but she’s got a Ghanaian root. (Laughs) I am still a student in this area I’ll leave it for Eloho to deal with. Hahaha!

Praiseworld – Hahhahahha! I am so Sorry, Please don’t sue me – but I see no difference between a Ghanaian and an Ivorian… Apologies though. Okay Eloho over to you.

ELOHO-Hmmm! Priscilla, it’s not easy oh! Family is as demanding as ministry but thank God for an understanding spouse, who believes in me and what God has called me to do. So he supports me and he likewise understands. However, I believe wisdom is profitable to direct and we ought to know when to say no. I believe our homes are our first ministry and should be given as much attention if not more because I don’t know what I will be ministering to people if my home is not in place.

Praiseworld – I know.. It is well..If you were given an option to share the stage with an artist, who would that be?

ELOHO- Darlene Zschech or Israel Houghton and of course Toye D Toye {heheheh!}

TOYE – Fred Hammond, William Mc Dowell & of course  Eloho (laughing!)

Praiseworld – I hear you both..@ Toye of course I knew you were going to say Fred Hammond.. Eloho you and your Darlene Eehn! {laughing}
Praiseworld – Interesting chat with you both- everything definitely has to come to an end at some point, so how do you suggest we end this segment?
Eloho- Hahahahah! Toye, offering time! blessing time…
Toye-Ask Eloho to collect offering and share the grace. {laughing} Well let’s end it by playing ARISE by Eloho
Praiseworld – {laughing}I had so much fun with you both…  yes lets end it by singing  the first lines of both Arise and Great God– yeah! As well as contribute your  offering in pounds to ME.. now that’s a cool way of ending this… don’t you think? {everyone laughing}
Eloho– Yeah right!!!
Toye- {shaking his head as usual}
ARISE  by Eloho
Holy father we have come, by your grace were standing here…….

 GREAT GOD by Toye

Woke up this morning, never thought I’ll feel this great……

Get these two songs now and be blessed.

Thanks to everyone reading.  God bless. Thanks to Spice. {laughs} you know why am laughing….. and of course to my Damy.. God bless.

See you soon with another lovely exclusive interview. Guess Who??


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