Tasha-Page Lockhart
Tasha-Page Lockhart

Priscilla, CANADA — Welcome to another exclusive edition and guess who I have here? {Hummmn! clearing my throat} the pretty and anointed TASHA PAGE-LOCKHART; winner of BET’s Sunday Best- Season 6 {The Reality Television Gospel Singing competition series which airs on BET}.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan to Lisa Page (Brooks), lead singer of Detroit’s highly acclaimed contemporary female group, and dad Michael Brooks; producer and founder of such groups as ‘Witness’ and the famed male group ‘Commissioned’

Both parents currently pastor at Restoration Fellowship Church in Detroit. Witness, making a brief hiatus, returned on the scene in early 2000 with NATASHA as the youngest member of the group.

Noted for her vocal style at such a young age, she has traveled to London and Germany performing across the country. Married to Clifton “Cliff” Lockhart (musician) and blessed with children, they both reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

She is the first female artist signed to Kirk Franklin’s record label- ‘Fo Yo Soul Entertainment’. Her new single’ DIFFERENT’ produced by Kirk Franklin is currently available.

I knew she was a potential winner since she auditioned and I was totally right. {Laughs} Getting her for this interview was not as difficult as I imagined, which came as a pleasant surprise to me..

She recently did a cool Campaign on #HowIAmDifferent’ where she encouraged people to share stories and talents showcasing how they are different. She picked two winners and gave out lovely gifts – that was simply cool!

I recommend you sit down in a comfy couch, relax and read through.

Priscilla – I am so blessed to meet you Tasha. Been following you since Sunday Best. Thank you for doing this and congratulations on your single ‘Different’. That’s a powerful song loaded and rich in lyrics {Smiles}

TASHA – Thank you for taking out time to speak with me. I am so thankful to God for this opportunity.

Priscilla – So what was Tasha’s life/music style before, during and after Sunday Best.

TASHA- Well my life before Sunday Best was full of struggle and misfortune! My family and I lost our apartment due to black mold we were living in a hotel. My pastor died the day before I left to film the show and my husband was attacked at gun point!

Life during Sunday Best was very frustrating because I felt like my natural wasn’t measuring up to my spiritual! What I mean by that is, I was accomplishing so much in ministry and operating under a heavy anointing; people were being healed and set free but then we were still broke, homeless and struggling.

I never walked away from God though in fact my faith became stronger and these storms brought me closer to God. Life now is better Smiling face with smiling eyes I’ll just say it that way. We are still growing and building. Nothing that will last happens overnight but we are no longer struggling!!!!

God blessed us with a three bedroom two car garage home. Our family is closer than we’ve ever been and we are able to do full time ministry!

Priscilla – OMG! That’s a lot. So sorry about your pastor, may his soul rest in peace and congrats on your home. ‘Love me some two car garage home!’ {Laughs} Thank God for his mercies and provision. I commend you on being into full time ministry. More grace Tasha.

Could you please take a moment and describe that exhilarating moment and feeling when Kirk Franklin mentioned your name as Sunday Best Season 6 Winner?

TASHA – We had 200 people all packed in the Theater of the African American Museum here in Detroit and when Kirk Franklin called my name as the winner, that place exploded! Some were jumping, some were crying, some were running and like me others were just standing there in shock! I never thought I would win!

Host Kirk Franklin with Tasha on the BET Sunday Best stage
Host Kirk Franklin with Tasha on the BET Sunday Best stage

Priscilla – I know right! [Smiling} Saw the shock on your face. I can just imagine. I still watch that final event from time to time – had to record that show.. Smiling face with smiling eyes

I am really curious to know what working with Pastor Kim Burrell and Kirk franklin felt and feel like during and after Sunday Best respectively

TASHA – Working with Kirk and Pastor Kim was very intimidating at first because I’m a fan of their work. Once I was able to get over that part, it was easier for me to learn and grow so much from the wisdom that they both shared with me. But I must say- this Kim Burrell is tough!!!

Priscilla – {laughing hard} I totally agree to Kim Burrell being tough! With the way she handles the audition process; she is so blunt, funny and tough – all 3 in 1 package.{Laughs}

I would love to have a chat with her. Have some questions for her.{Shaking my head} Tell me, who out of the three wonderful Judges intimidated you the most and why? {Laughs}

TASHA – Yolanda Adams! Because she’s close friends with my parents and by them being in the music industry as well I just really wanted to make them all proud.

Priscilla – Hummn! Yolanda, I thought as much too, I would be too… before I forget, want to know if you still keep in touch with Kiefer Rollerson – who was the Runner Up for the Show? Because I remember how close both of you were at the show.

TASHA – We do not keep in touch but I have seen her a few times after the show and she seems to be doing very well and I pray that God continues to bless her ministry.

Priscilla – Amen, I like her too. Please tell me about your single-Different- it screams a story, {laughs} curious to know what inspired the song.

TASHA – “Different” is very special to me because it is simply my testimony. Kirk Franklin aka “Bossman” {Laughing} wrote this song as a result of moments and conversations where I was able to share my story and my heart with him.

I really did get pregnant and dropped out of school at 17 – hence the first line “back when I was 17, like every other girl I use to have big dreams” I got on drugs and walked away from the church but God used my husband who was just a childhood friend at that time to reintroduce me to God and we are 8 years down the line now with two beautiful sons.


Priscilla – Hummn! I just knew that song came from a deeper place and not just an ordinary story. May God continue to strengthen you always.

Were there times you felt like giving up as a Vocalist? If yes, how did you overcome?

TASHA – Yes I felt like giving up on music many times but I really LOVE to sing and I have a passion for souls so hearing the testimonies kept me going.

Priscilla – Great! Never give up girl! How do you strike a balance between ministry and family? Especially now that you are into full time ministry and married with kids and still have to honour invitations to minister or travel?

TASHA – I work hard to make sure my family knows that they come before music. Every chance I get to bring them with me, I do so and we have so much fun together.

Tasha Page-Lockhart
Tasha Page-Lockhart

Priscilla – Awwwwh! Thats nice. Really like that. Our families are important. Go Tasha!

Have you been to Nigeria before? (for people reading my column for the first time, kindly scroll down the blog to read my profile, hence the reason for this question}

TASHA – No I have never been to Nigeria before.

Priscilla – Sincerely, would you honour an invitation to sing and minister in Nigeria amidst the unrest happening right now?

TASHA- I will go wherever God instructs me to go!

Priscilla – Oh really? Wow! I am impressed. {Teary mode} that means a lot Tasha, because some artists kind of shy away or turn down invitations as a result of all the gruesome happenings in Nigeria, I really do not blame them.

At this Point, I would love to applaud Ministers like Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Micah Stampley, especially Pastor Kim Burrell who was right at the affected state and other international music artists who have been traveling to Nigeria to minister despite the fact that the US Embassy posted a ‘travel alert’ warning and discouraging people from going to Nigeria.

Tasha, I will love you to pray for the missing girls, victims of the bomb blast, their families, right now?

TASHA – Father we just thank you right now for being the most powerful and strong loving God that you are. We know that there is nothing too hard for you!

We pray right now for every victim and every family member affected by these terrible events- heal, set free and deliver like only you can.

We bind the hand of the enemy that would try to kill, steal and destroy we pray for the save return of every young lady of Nigeria we count it done Lord, do it for your Glory in Jesus name Amen.

Priscilla – Amen & Amen. {Selah} That meant a lot. Thanks. I am sure everyone reading will join us to say and leave a big AMEN below. Well, Tasha said she will go wherever…

So dear Nigerians, Tasha is up for grabs! {Laughing}- you are definitely not going to be turned down by TASHA PAGE-LOCKHART – as long as the timing is not clashing with an existing invitation. Yah!!!

Tasha, I have something I call my FantasyX- which is to Sing and Act on a Tyler Perry Movie – setting in Nigeria and probably do a duet with CeCe -Winans {laughing and sighing deeply!} – tell me what yours would be?

TASHA – I would also loveeeeee to work with Tyler Perry and Oprah. I also want to do a song with Paul Simon and Oleta Adams {fingers crossed and laughing}

Priscilla – {laughing} that makes two of us @Tyler Perry. Someone get Tyler for us please- {both laughing}

Do you have a personal voice coach? And what do you do to preserve this dynamic voice?

TASHA – I do not have a vocal coach at this time, but I am looking for one. I preserve my voice by resting as much as I can.

Priscilla – Good for you. You sure need it. Any advice for upcoming gospel artists?

TASHA – Continue to put God first, not your dreams but your God and He will make them all come true!

Priscilla – Very true. So What do we look out for in Season 7 of Sunday Best? I know Kierra Sheard is going to be a Judge… what else do we expect?

TASHA – You can expect a performance from me and a lot of new things that they have implemented this year {Laughs} I can’t spill the beans but if I were you I would watch!

Priscilla – You betcha! I will be watching. Cannot wait for the new season to kick off and I look forward to your performance. Okay! ….. hummmn! cant think of any other questions for you; {Smiles} Do you have anything you would love to say?

TASHA – I would like to thank you Priscilla for this opportunity to continue to uplift and encourage people everywhere. I love you and I look forward to one day meeting you.

Priscilla – Awwwwh! Blushing! Love you too Tasha, be sure I would ‘holla’ when am in Atlanta. Dinner on me! {Laughs!}

On behalf of The Praiseworld Radio Team, we would love to appreciate Tasha for her sincerity and her willingness to share, you are an amazing person.

God bless your family, team and ministry. And do make sure you visit Praiseworld Radio Station whenever you visit Nigeria. {Hugs!}

Thanks people for reading. God bless you. Tasha’s dynamic single – ‘Different’ is right below, feel free to listen and keep listening to Praiseworld Radio. Do join us as we celebrate 2 years of God’s faithfulness in Praiseworld Radio on the 1st of June. Yahhh!!!

Big shout out to my Boss – Tola Omoniyi of Praiseworld Radio aka Spiceonthemic for believing in me and giving me wings to Fly! Thanks Boss. Till I come your way with another edition stay blessed.

Different” by Tasha Page-Lockhart is available on iTunes. We recommend you get yourself a copy right away. Cheers!



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