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Praiseworld Radio is glad to partner with Vigor Awards as her official International Media.  We introduce to you Vigor Awards since 2015, and her forthcoming Award show- for this year 2016 in Canada and for the first time Vigor Awards will be coming to Nigeria in 2017, plans are already in motion. We honour the Pioneer of this great foundation- Queen Amina a fearless, strong, kind-hearted, talented, God-fearing woman, multiple award winning Nollywood Actress based in Canada and Philanthropist.

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Vigor Awards

The purpose of the Vigor Award is to seek to honor those individuals who would not ordinarily receive recognition or be publicly appreciated for their selfless efforts to enhance the lives of people around them, through their unrewarded volunteering efforts or through humanitarian work or by acts of valor in extraordinary circumstances.


Queen Amina

Because of first-hand experience with some of these unsung heroes giving into her own life, Queen Amina has been given the vision to seek a venue in which those who rise above their circumstances, or those who see the needs of others despite their circumstances can be recognized for a brief moment in time. That ordinary people giving in extraordinary ways might be treated as the VIP’s that they truly are, even if the majority of the world does not know who they are. The people chosen are to be from various ethnic groups, enhancing the recognition that all races, colors, and creeds add to the value of community, whether on a local, national, or international scale.



The desire to create a platform for this vision was heightened by Queen’s experience as a rising actress and her participation in Red Carpet events pertaining to the entertainment industry. The seed was planted to recognize individuals who give of themselves selflessly in a similar manner, knowing that there is no such ceremony in the world that specifically recognizes volunteers, humanitarians and achievers. To be able to recognize them as “stars” of life is the ultimate aim of the Vigor Award.


Vigor Awards 2015 attendees (Calgary)


Brett Devloo, TBK (The Blind Kid) Achievement Award




Christian was also presented with a surprise gift of a new guitar which was donated by a local music shop as well as donations garnered by Mr. Calgary himself, Jeff Wilkie.


VIGOR AWARDS 2016- {Windsor Ontario}


The future goal is to have Vigor Award ceremonies in different countries of the world due to the unique nature of the Award, because volunteerism, humanitarianism, and achievements of outstanding individuals is global, and to bring the aspect of “doing good for others” to all countries as well as our own.



All guests are treated royally!


Venue For Vigor Awards 2016


Vigor Awards is a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading light on the worlds greatest people, the unsung heroes in our midst. The award winners are people of various types, backgrounds and ethnicity who have one thing in common; soulful kindness and selflessness, apparent hard work and dedication to others. As a result of last years event, two orphanages have already been opened in Africa over the past year by attendees of last years event.

We seek to present awards in the categories of “humanitarian,volunteer,

achievement,literary achievement,honoree”,philanthropist, andspirit of

the host city”.
Queen Amina 1

Your Host- Queen Amina

Praiseworld Radio is happy that two of her Presenter/Blogger also Artistes will be performing at this year’s award show.



We encourage you to get your ticket to attend this year Vigor Awards (2016)


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