The Truly Wealthy Owns Nothing, and Needs Nothing ~ @KennyKore


The Elijah syndrome is the super stardom and celebritism in our churches; where the sign of a man’s greatness in GOD is his public sucess in ministry, the miracles and wonders to his credit, and his international notoriety.

Such that because Elijah was the MOST VISIBLE he assumed that he was the only one, (the SPECIAL one).

It took GOD to reveal to him that being a PROMINENT MOG is not something special, or to rejoice in.

Our joy should be that our names are written in Heaven.

Some of us will be VISIBLE; have lots of money, have massive following, and international recognition, and it’s great when that happens but it is NOTHING.

Understand the poetry of NOTHING.

It is what all who seek and know the FATHER’s Kingdom must become-NOTHING.

We must decrease, and HE must increase until we are NOT, and HE IS ALL IN ALL.

The truly wealthy owns nothing, and needs nothing.
It’s a state of oneness with GOD where all is done, finished and complete.

Where the world is not worthy of us,  and GOD HIMSELF is our REWARD. 
Like Enoch, we walk with GOD until we’re simply NOT.

The berean must continue to seek to look behind the curtain that Christ’s death tore and now men are stiching back.

If you know the treachery of knowledge, power, and money, you will not place those you love on those Elijah highs.
-culled from my fellowship with a dear friend.

#Until We Come To The Unity Of Faith

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