TD Jakes visits Harare Zimbawbwe for the first time during his #AfricaTour

American Pastor,author and filmmaker Thomas Dexter popularly known as T.D Jakes  announced that he will be leaving for Harare, Zimbawbwe.

The Potters House Bishop who was recently in Accra,Ghana and really made impact in the state took to his Instagram page to announce that he will be leaving for Harare, Zimbawbwe later today.

“Last looks at Accra, Ghana. As I head toward Zimbabwe! I’m going to a Harare, Zimbawbwe for the very first time!

Praying that God will bless this trip! So from West Africa to the South eastern region of the continent!

Are you with me? Let’s go!”

He added that he has never been to Zimbawbwe and that his followers should pray for him on his journey from West Africa to South Africa.

The book author has being touring round Africa,he began his visitation from Lagos Nigeria then to Accra Ghana and now to Harare, Zimbawbwe.



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