Nigerian Gospel Artist Obiora Obiwon shares cover of new Single

Nigerian Gospel Artist Obiora Obiwon who recently announced the release of his new single has revealed the cover of the single.

The artist who announced the release of the single revealed the cover to the single early this morning on his Instagram page.

The artist popularly known for his song I Testify said that the teens in his local assembly asked him to come up with a song for them centered around the theme Halleluyah late last year,2016.

“As at late 2016 the teens I teach and mentor in my local assembly asked that I write a song with the theme ‘Halleluyah’, to enable them enroll in a regional teens choir competition for 2017.”

He went on to say that he prayed for inspiration for the song that would not only help his teens win but will also bless the body of God and few weeks later the lyrics kept flowing to him.

“Earlier this year around February/March, I simply prayed and asked the Lord to give me a song that would not just help them get ahead in the event but that would specially bless the body of Christ.

Few weeks later I was just parking at home when the first melody line ‘Halleluyah’ You’re worthy” started coming, and it just kept flowing from there.

This was March. Little did I know that this year would be such a praiseful ‘Halleluyah’ year.” 

The artist also said that the year being a halleluyah filled helped the song. He further said that there is no assignment to small most especially the ones that do not seen to generate gains .

“The song stuck and when the praises and Halleluyah’s started cascading from the ‘Halleluyah Challenge’ et al, I knew it was time to record this song.

Morale of the story: No assignment is too small.

The Lord has special blessings placed for us right in the place where He sends us to serve, especially those ones that don’t seem to have any material gain or recognition.

He alone is the rewarder and recognizer, ours is to do every seemingly ‘little’ assignment as unto Him.”

He concluded his post by rallying his followers to help share the cover.

“Here’s the official cover to ‘A Billion Halleluyah’. Please share.”

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