Pascal Amanfo is a Filmmaker, author and a father. He put up this inspiring image on his Instagram page.

“Sometimes its really hard to explain how we came through what we went through…Sometimes you cant even find the right words but you just know that it has to be God.
You could have lost your mind… But God!

Could have been dead… But God!
Didn’t know where the next meal was coming from…. But God!
Out of a job and broke…. But God!
Battling with a divorce… But God!
Friends and Family turned their backs on you… But God!
No one to go home to… But God!
Fighting through mistakes and regrets… Could have….
Should have… Would have given up….
Somebody screammm… BUT GOD!!
He kept you! He preserved you! Bruised but not broken.. Drained but not dead.. The good news is… You are still here!!! Its a testimony Thursday family.. Celebrate God!!!!”