T.D Jakes took to Instagram to wish his daughter well on her birthday as she turned 30.

“I was 30 years old when it happened! 30 years ago today, the Lord gave @seritajakes and I a tremendous gift. My daughter @cjakescoleman was born to some struggling impoverished, storefront pastors who happened to be her parents. Even then we knew she was a priceless ruby! She is a unique commodity of wit and wisdom, faith and fire. Her hilarious commentary on life will have you in stitches. She is humorous and yet she has an unbridled love and light that causes people to be mesmerized by her charm as well as her beautiful features! Cora is anointed to live, lead and laugh! But, I knew when she was eight years old that this Nubian princess had a mandate on her life! She acknowledged her calling while she was in grade school! To this day, she has forged a path toward the kingdom! I’m so happy that she is girded and guarded by her amazing husband @skiiventura who loves her and cares for her! Together, they are a forces to be reckoned with! Many years ago I told her she was my secret weapon! Today, she is a force to be reckoned with! I believe in her and my faith is not misplaced! She is light and love, grace and grit. She is my first born girl. But, most importantly, she is God’s woman! Happy Birthday Cocoa ! Daddy Bear loves you!
PS. I have loved you from the moment you entered this world! I will love you even after I leave you in it! When I needed you most, you were there for me! Thank you for being the princess in my fairy tale!”

Cora Jakes Coleman, who is married with two children, is the Pastor Of the Potter’s House of Dallas Children’s ministry and is the author of Lover Of The People.