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Helloooooo!!!! Yes 2016 is almost over, all thanks be to God for preserving and keeping us so far.
So I took a trip to New Zealand (NZ) to interview this wonderful Artiste and I am happy to present to you this fabulous, talented, anointed and lovable, Wife,
Mum. Singer-songwriter, Inspirational speaker. Arts Manager. Entrepreneur – Busola Martins also a worship leader and the Host of the Famous Annual African Praise Experience in Zealand. You also get to listen to her new carol officially released today titled “Let Us Adore Him” so sit back, get to know Busola Martins better by  reading and enjoy this beautiful song.
 Priscilla: Why Gospel Music?
BM: I do gospel music because I’m a believer. And its gospel I’ve been exposed to my whole life. I love God and He’s been so good so I see using my gift as a way of thanksgiving to God. To say I am available and grateful. 

Priscilla: And how do you want people to perceive you and your music?


As per perception, I want people to see God in my music. I want them to experience God in my songs. His anointing, power, glory, deliverance, ability and capacity. I also want them to enjoy it but much more meet and experience the Master musician and composer himself.
 Priscilla: Hummn! Would love you to share and talk about the Christian Music life in New Zealand, how have you been coping and how long have you been singing in NZ
BM: Music in NZ is diverse. 2016 makes it 10 years that I’ve been singing in NZ.
Priscilla: Oh Wow! 10 years!
BM: Oh yes 10 years (smiles) you see, Christian music in NZ is not prominent but we’re trusting God for a revival. Gospel is not what you will hear on a secular radio station, not even on a Sunday. I believe strongly that as we’ve started praying for revival, the Almighty will hear and the heavens will open over NZ in Jesus name.
In regards to Coping….Hmmm! well, I sing in the choir by God’s grace and lead that department to the glory of God. I occasionally organise music events, attend gospel music events and I listen online too so as to keep up with what others are doing elsewhere.
Priscilla: What about the black community gospel scene?
BM: Well…We’re doing well but I know we can do much better when it comes to both gospel music or evangelizing the land

Priscilla: So tell us about your music projects.


BM: By God’s grace I’ve done 3 singles: “Our God Reigns, Arabaribiti & New Dawn” ft Kenny K’ore. I am working on my album now. Super excited about it and it’s coming out soon….watch this space! My debut music video Our “God Reigns” came out about a month ago and I really blessed God for the music and message in that video
Watch Busola Martins latest Video- Our God Reigns


There’s a lot of responses and it brought hope to people. I’ve also been privileged to host The African Praise Experience events in Auckland. before “Our God reigns” in August was “Arabaribiti”

Priscilla: Talking about the African Praise experience, (AFP)tell us more about that.
BM: It’s an event that brings believers together with the aim of praising God the African way…one people, one hope, one God praising in the African way. It cuts across churches and Africans in NZ. we come together to praise in different languages and usually involves a number of artists and churches in NZ
Priscilla: So when is the next AFP and who are the artistes coming?
BM: Next AFP is in 2017. Our special guests’ list is still in the oven. As God leads us we intend to go feature non NZ artists, God willing.
Priscilla: So I heard you are about to be the WAOMM (Women Of African Origin In Music Ministry- Coordinator for NZ . how true is this rumour?
BM:(smiles) Yes it’s been on my mind for a while. Prayed about it and I think it’s time I took that mantle!
Priscilla: Wow! Awesome! So rumour has been confirmed! WAOMM NZ Soon! Great Okay, finally Is there anything you would love to say before I release you?
BM: Whatever your hands find to do, do it with your might including singing songs to the Lord.


Come hangout with me on the 10th of December. Much Love!

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