MOKK: The Power Of Obedience ~ @KennyKore

37d2e470da8d6eb86caf8ace76d5f850Musing of Kenny K’ore (MOKK)

What saved Noah and his family,
The Ark, or Obedience?

What made Abraham the father of faith,
Attempt to kill his son, or Obedience?

What broke the walls of Jericho,
Halleluyah, or Obedience?

What healed the Aramean general, Naaman,
The Jordan river, or Obedience?

It’s easier to want Jesus as Saviour, but not as Lord.
It’s easier to want Him as Lover, but not as King,
But remember the ten lepers; all of them were healed, but only one was made whole.
Because he RETURNED to RESPOND to love with Gratitude.

Our Obedience is our response of gratitude to Him who loved us, and payed an expensive price for us, when we were unlovable.
The Difference Is Obedience.

What made Jesus the greatest man alive,
Miracles, signs, and wonders, or Obedience?
He learned Obedience through the things He suffered, so will you.

What caused the fall of man,
The forbidden fruit, or disobedience?

Until We Come To The Unity Of Faith READ YOUR BIBLE, MEDITATE, PRAY, AND OBEY GOD…Kuorire

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