Pastor Sam Adeyemi Shares Insightful Tips For Successful Marriage | @sam_adeyemi

Pastor Sam Adeyemi, the senior pastor of Daystar Christian Center, took to twitter to share some very insightful thoughts about marriage and what to expect.

“I have this expectation that marriage should be better between Christians than it is with people who are not Christians. I expect that a Christian marriage should be more peaceful, more joyful, what do you think?

However, I think that there are Christians that may contest with me that it is not exactly the case. And I was just wondering exactly what is supposed to make the difference in a Christian marriage.

The Holy Spirit says to me that He is pouring out grace on our lives to enable the fulfillment of our marital destinies. The Holy Spirit is referred to as the Spirit of grace in Hebrews 12:29.

I believe if we are going to enjoy God’s grace, we need God’s supernatural enablement. I believe that the Holy Spirit must be given his place in our lives and in our marriages. Romans 8:14. When we give the Holy Spirit is rightful place because He is the Spirit of Grace, then we will enjoy divine enablement.

Some people don’t understand issues that break up homes; sometimes they are not enough/should not be enough to break up a home. I believe every Christian marriage should be able to leverage this two dimensions of the work of the Holy Spirit.

The fruit of the Spirit & the gift of the Spirit, they make the difference. Every marriage needs the fruit of the Spirit because there is no one who has a perfect husband or wife.

If you don’t have the capacity to put up with someone else’s weaknesses; it is proof that you are not aware of your own weaknesses yet. We need the fruit of the Spirit to find someone to marry and to find someone to agree to marry us.

The things listed as the product of the flesh are the things that drive a suitor or a potential husband or wife away.

The things that Satan should have used to frustrate our lives & homes that is the very place the Holy Spirit shows up. The Holy Spirit prefers to show up in the place where we are weak that’s what makes the life of a Christian a miracle. The person who is insecure can become a person of faith. The person struggling with fear can become a person of faith.

The gift of the Spirit gives us supernatural capacity for solving problems in our lives & relationships. We should be able to pray, some of the things we argue over, are things we should be praying about.

What is the picture of an ideal Christian husband or an ideal Christian wife? The ideal Christian Husband/Wife needs to be under the influence of the Holy Spirit to behave the way you are expected.

You need the infilling of the Holy Spirit to love your husband/wife genuinely, even when they don’t deserve to be loved. When you are aware of your weaknesses, always pray for you to obtain mercy & find grace to help you in the time of need.

Organize spiritual inspiration for yourself that will put you on the frequency of heaven so you can draw on God’s grace. Spend time meditating on God’s word so that you can draw grace. Watch your associations, there are some people you hang out with; they will drain all the grace upon your life. #MarriageByGrace

Pastor Sam who is married to Nike Adeyemi recently celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary.

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