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“He Still Gives Me Goosebumps. Makes Me Feel Like A Teenager” ~ Tamela Mann

Singers and actors from Tyler perry’s ‘Meet The Brown‘ and the reality show ‘It’s a Mann’s World‘, David and Tamela Mann who have been married for 29 years gives a few tips on marriage.

The couple have conquered film, television and music but the married entertainers who did not initially want to enter the world of reality television now have a show called ‘It’s Mann’s World’.

“We genuinely enjoy each other’s company. He still gives me the goosebumps and makes me feel like a teenager. We agree to disagree. Its a blessing to have someone that truly loves you. He is my best friend.”, says Tamela

David Mann had this to say about their reality show; “We have adult kids but we want to change families and show that family is all we have“. He went on to explain “Our faith is what we operate on, it’s who we are, people see that, that’s the reason we have the show so that people could see [that] if you live a saved Christian life you can still have a good time.”

For Tamela, it is important to pray in order to find out God’s will to take on any project.
The two, who got married in 1988 had a marriage vow renewal in 2015.

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