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I met this awesome woman residing in Georgia for over 18 years now, doing exploits in the gospel music scene. I stumbled on her at an event in Atlanta where Heaven came down when she handled the Mic and I just could not resist her. She graciously hosted me at her lovely home and we had a lovely chat, you can’t help but feel comfortable with her, down to earth, a wonderful cook, a wife and mother of 3 and a worshipper. a dynamite on stage and one of the fast rising Nigerian-American gospel artiste in Georgia. Please meet my Guest: Wumi Abe.






Priscilla- Thanks for hosting me. Really nice of you to have me here. In one sentence, who is Wumi Abe?

Wumi‎- My pleasure dear, Thanks for driving all the way. Wumi is An Authentic Worshipper!

Priscilla:‎ Not surprised, I believe you. {smiles}What’s your music genre? Do you have any in particular?

Wumi- My music encompasses all the musical influences I have been exposed to. So I will like to call it Afro-Pop Gospel

Priscilla-Hummn! Nice. So what inspires your music? And tell me about your latest song?


Wumi- My inspiration comes from no where but from God, His word, my experiences and the different genre of Music and great Musicians have had the privilege and the opportunity to listen to.

Priscilla- You’ve been living in the US for 18 years, can you say, you’ve been able to penetrate the american gospel music world?

Wumi- My aim is not to penetrate the American Gospel Music world, however, my aim is to depopulate the kingdom of the devil, by winning souls through Music. Not in a million years did I ever think I will be a Gospel artiste, I knew at a very early age I was called to sing and make his praise Glorious. However never did I know that I will be doing this full time. I will say that I have been able to gain the audience of different nationalities because I have a global worldview. I am just starting and I am not in a hurry. Recently, God has been taking me to places where I would ordinarily not want to be, however, its all in His plan and I am grateful that although I have an african name and background, people accept the music God has given me.

Priscilla- This brings me to the challenges of Nigerian gospel singers in the US- what are the challenges and do provide solutions if you have any

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Wumi- One of the challenges of Nigerian Gospel Singers in the US is the Cross over appeal. We lack a global view and attitude. Like I said earlier, that just because I have an african name or background has not limited me in being able to carry other people from other cultures along. Late last year, God reminded me that, my being born outside of the US, my cultural background and my name has alot to do with my Purpose. You see before now, I have had to tackle the distorted thoughts that most africans ponder through while living abroad.

We make excuses like, “we have an accent, we have an african name, they only accept their own, they may not like my own kind of music, so I had better stick to my own or try to sing like them.” But we fail to remember and value our Potential as a Child of God, and that the same God who created the people in the US is still the same as the one who created us. And that, if he has called You, he will give you the resources and the help to make the vision a reality, regardless of the odds that are stacked against you.

Priscilla- Hummn! You really raised some valid points there.

Wumi- Yes Priscilla, another challenge is the lack of excellence in our music. We don’t want to take the time to write and produce songs. We are in a country where excellence is priority. We can not afford to take the rush mentality and translate it into our work. Whatever you produce as a musician lives on even after you are gone. And if you want to be taken seriously, be consistent in all that you do.

Priscilla- God help us with the rush mentality and  excellence spirit!

Wumi-AMEN O { both laughs)


Wumi Abe & Ron Kenoly



Priscilla- Tell me, what American gospel singer would you want to share the stage with and why?

Wumi-  There are people I have grown to love their walk with God. Artistes like Pastor Shirley Ceasar, Cece Winans, Donnie Mcclurkin, Kirk Franklin, Tamela Mann and Tasha Cobbs. However if God gives me the opportunity to share the stage with anyone in the American Gospel industry, that will be an experience of a life time.

Priscilla-Do you change songs according to the atmosphere or you stick to what you prepare when you go out to perform?

Wumi- You see before I go to a place to minister, I take sometime out to find out what God is saying to me and why he wants me there. I have gone to places where I walked in and God changed everything I had planned to sing to what he wants me to sing. I am not bound by set lists or a repertoire, because I am not called by man but by God.

Priscilla- What songs are you currently listening too?

Wumi Abe & Priscilla 1

Wumi- I listen to songs as the spirit leads. I have come to understand that every song has its season. So today it may be James fortune’s song and tomorrow Isreal and new breed.

Priscilla- What’s your next music project?

Wumi-I am currently finishing my sophomore Album titled ” Be Lifted” scheduled for this year .

Priscilla- A word for your supporters

Wumi- I would want to thank everyone that has been supporting me on this journey. I also appreciate all who have gone out of their way to send me messages on how my current single ” Conga” has blessed them. Please keep praying for me, and may all the songs I produce bring you closer to Christ. God bless you all, greater is coming in JESUS name.

Priscilla-Thanks a lot. God bless you. Hope you visit Priscilla’s Place soon

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Wumi- Thank you so much Priscila for the privilege and the opportunity. God bless you richly.

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