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J.clone drops a new single titled Hello Black. This is his  3rd single prior to the release of his EP African kid. It’s a beautiful acoustic piece heralding the beauty of the Black man. Produced by 2Blaze with guitars by E Daniels. There’s nothing wrong with being black.


Twitter: @jclonee


Verse 1

She steps out of the door like the sunrise

Brown sugar girl, captured every eyes.

Natural beauty, she’s so real

Foundations on Christ no be L’Oreal

And her beauty’s incomparable, I can see it in her wildlife

She got cultural identity, she’s not game for that low life.

High life, like the pyramids of gizza

She’s a queen, she got kings right in her

Call her Mother Africa

She makes the difference clear lake victoria

Am gon bring her back home Niger area

Where 2 rivers hold hands walk together

Welcomes you with the fragrance of her green land

Her warm springs, her waterfalls, in land.

Suitors all around, tryna marry her

Promise to take her to America,

I be like…. in ba ke ba sai rijiya

I’ll do anything to have ya gaskiya


Hello black, tryna reach u

I jst wanna tell you, you’re so beautiful x2

Your so beautiful

Black is beautiful x4

Verse 2

I rap (wrap) words around her, chocolate bars

She’s a present to the world, like gift cards

Perfectly created by the maker

She’s a masterpiece no Monalisa

She be the clay, he the potter

She be the canvas, he the painter

Her dark skin, her black hair her brown eyes,

She stands out amongst the crowd she the bulls eye….

There ain’t nothing wrong with you gurl, with you gurl naaaaa

Just something wrong with your mind gurl, your mind gurl yeaaa

Y think less of your self like God made a mistake when he made you.

There ain’t nothing wrong with being black, your not what they say on the media

And so better know yourself

There’s a gold mine in your chest

And this present times are preparatory to that glory lying ahead

Yea… These rough times don’t define you,

You’re like gold passing through the fire

And when he’s done you’ll come out finer

Like made to last no be be china……

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