BLOG: There Is LIFE In Your Valley ~ By @AdesewaInc

valley3Recently, I have had to go through a daring season in my life. A season where I began to worry without consciously permitting worry. So, ‘I am not worrying’ becomes more of a confessional statement than a situational one.

Over the years however, I have learnt how to carry my worries alone – without finding external help [which is not totally a great idea depending on your capacity]. I just somehow grew to ‘take it to God’ – of which sometimes I forget to. This season is however a lot.. lot.. lot.. different, because I get to grab so much knowledge unlike previous times.

I sit at my desk one afternoon wondering why I developed a heart palpitation. I begin to search through different articles and found one very profound.

Rhett Smith in her book opines that sometimes God may be using anxiety to draw us closer to Him, allowing us to recognise our need and limitations as anchors to the one who is sufficient. Then Philippians 4:6-7 came to mind “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

And then in Psalm 23:4, “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me, your rod and your staff comfort me“. When we say we are in ‘our valley’, we mean to say that we are in our down times.

valley1In times when we feel so alone, even if we have a million and one photographs of love waking us up each day. Being in our valley can get so bad that the Psalmist accompanies it with the ‘shadow’ of death. But he knows that no matter how bad life may get, God is with Him and he needs not to fear.

The question is, what do you know about the promises of God concerning this situation you’re faced with right now? When Moses and the Israelites where faced with a thirsty situation, the rod produced water. No matter how dry you feel, there’s a brook right where you are, and it is in the Word of God.

The Word of God may come in different ways, through people, nature, the audible voice of God, the still voice, the Holy Spirit in you, and most importantly your personal study through the scriptures.

Being in the valley could be depressing, depending on what we see. What do you see? A valley is a hollow or surface depression of the earth bounded by hills or mountains, a natural trough in the earth’s surface, that slopes down to a stream, lake or the ocean, formed by water and/or ice erosion.

In the valley, choose to not just site see, learn from what you see. Systems of valleys extend through plains, hills, and mountains. Rivers and streams flowing through valleys drain interior land regions to the ocean. At the bottom of many valleys is fertile soil, which makes excellent farmland.

Truth is, God teaches us through our valleys. He expects us to build strength of character and capacity, ’cause when it is time to leave the valley, you’ll need them to mountain-climb. Open your eyes to the river [We have a fountain that ever flows in the presence of God. Our water is the Word of God. Learn from it]. It is time to rise and learn. There is much more in store for you on the mountain. But you need to build yourself to get there. Be encouraged!

valley2Ezekiel was transported to the valley of dry bones. Note that the Spirit of God was with him. And then he was asked, ‘Can this bones live again?’. He had not experienced any of such thing before hand so he says, only the Lord knows all things. The Spirit of God asked him to speak life to the dry bones. Not only did the bones come together, the breathe of God gave them stamina.

What’s your valley language? The words of our mouth are powerful. When we decree a thing it is established. Let us consciously begin to call forth things we want to see as though they were – because in Christ, they were and so are.

We are overcomers in Christ, we must live in this reality. While lounging in your valley, declare the beauty of your mountain to manifestation. All things have been given unto us!

Even earth, has some areas of it depressed. But like ‘Mountains surround the valley’, so do the angels of God encamp around those who fear God. What do you fear? The scripture enjoins us to not fear what the people fear, or call conspiracy what they call conspiracy. We MUST only fear and reverence God. Man has limited powers to use on us. God has promised to never leave us nor forsake us. That’s our anchor!

Most valleys on dry land are formed by running water of streams and rivers. God is aware of every season of your life, including mine. It is time we stopped wallowing in self-pity or playing the victim and begin to seize every opportunity in whatever season we are in.
The valley is a place of preparation, not a place of rest. We determine how long we stay in it. We choose to either eat from its good, or endlessly worry through it.

As a nation, what is important is that we, as the body of Christ must stand on the watchtower to hear and see what exactly the Lord is doing. This is our land of peace and we are victoriously been lifted high above every low estate in Jesus name.

From the most deep part of my heart I decree peace over your life, believing, that as you draw closer to God through fellowship with Him in your ‘valley’. You will not only find strength, but also wisdom, for the years ahead. Amen!

Written by Adesewa Adeoye

Image credit: Google Images

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