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Classy Kim Burrell

Kim Burrell meets Praiseworld Radio —
I simply cannot stress enough the achievements and influence of this great woman. This is someone every Singer wants as a music coach including me. {laughs} Currently taping her new real talk show on IMPACT NETWORK and just had a minor throat surgery that delayed this interview, yet she called to re-schedule and granted me audience. An amazing woman you want to meet. Daughter of a Pastor/Musician Father and an Evangelist/Singer Mother. Started her musical career with the Greater Emmanuel C.O.G.I.C. Choir of Houston, Texas.

Early in her career, she was featured on recordings with the Gospel Music Workshop of America Youth Choir; Trinity Temple Full Gospel Mass Choir of Dallas, Texas, along with Kirk Franklin and The Inspirational Sounds Mass Choir of Houston, Texas. She has also  been featured on B.E.T.’s Celebration of Gospel, Lift Every Voice, as well as the Bobby Jones Gospel Show.

She has earned the respect of musicians and artists in all genres and hailed in Colleges & Universities throughout the United States. The award winner with lots of great songs to her credit that is still touching  lives around the world. My favorites are ‘WITH YOU & SWEETER” yeah!

The Stellar award winner  has shared the stage with Great Gospel Artists such as Pastor Shirley Caesar, Albertina Walker, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Karen Clark-Sheard, Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin and Pastor Marvin Winans, just to name a few. Her most recent project, “The Love Album” has won a Dove award, two Stellar awards, and was also nominated for a Grammy award. She has successfully obtained the attention of the Jazz, R&B and Gospel markets.

Kim’s willingness to feature in this interview is so humbling and cool, she is so witty, direct, blunt and totally a lovable person.. Having battled  double pneumonia  for eight years as a child, she rose above that and now a winner and a conqueror delivering people from the shackles of sickness. There is the testimony of how a woman named Kathleen Goodin had stopped breathing, prompting a call for paramedics, as well as a call for prayer.

While CPR procedures were underway,  Kim  convinced medical staff to allow her  pray with the woman a second time, reportedly Burrell prayed: “Kathleen Goodin, take off your grave clothes.” By the time Burrell left the hospital, the woman was miraculously breathing on her own. She preaches, sings, coaches, teaches and does things with passion. Please meet my fabulous Guest- Pastor Kim Burrell aka “The Voice”

With You by James fortune ft Kim Burell

Pastor Kim Dishing the Word

Kim Burrell as a PASTOR

Priscilla-At what point did you know you were going to be a pastor and did you initially fight or accept your calling?

Kim – The point I knew I would be a pastor was very early, probably at 18 years old and I poured that energy into my singing and traveling. And then one night, many years ago, I was prophesied to that my singing would turn into preaching, and I said okay God, I see that I can only run, but so far. As years passed, I asked to become a co-pastor of a church and then afterwards, I think that was my breeding ground to be the senior pastor of Love & Liberty Fellowship.

Priscilla- What are the challenges you face as a female Pastor and how do you overcome them?

Kim – I don’t think I have embraced what I think the common challenges are as far as women not being favored as being in the pulpit or leading people are concerned. I think if people do have personal challenges with me, they keep them from me directly and if I were to encounter them, my overcoming them would be that of being prayerful and continuing on the assignment that I know I heard from God. And so, overcoming them is just obeying and fulfilling the Word of God for my life.

Priscilla- Looking back, are there things you would have done differently as a pastor?

Kim – Yes, as a pastor, I think in regards to preparation-this will always be my answer. For every phase and stage of my pastoral life, as far as preparation is concerned, you can never prepare enough for the unknown! I think I probably would have waited, probably until I wouldn’t have ever done it. So you know what, looking back, I can really say, I’m living this life by faith everyday and agreeing with God to the best of my ability.


Kim at the Essence Festival performing a Tribute to Yolanda Adams

Kim Burrell at the Essence Festival performing a Tribute to Yolanda Adams. Watch on YouTube

KIm Burrell In the MUSIC WORLD

Priscilla- How do you combine or balance your music ministry (when you have to travel to minister) and pastoring the Church?

Kim – The combination of both is just proper planning and scheduling and making sure that I don’t overlap anything that would kind of run my life into a tizzy! On pastoring the church, I have great people in place. I have an Executive Pastor, a General Manager, Assistants and people in leadership who help make it work. I think I’ve poured myself into the first 4 years. So far, the church is getting it’s rhythm on with and without me. 

Priscilla-On Artists, What do you think the interval should be for producing songs, since some artists virtually produce songs like every month

Kim – Well, you know different strokes for different folks. I’m sure you probably expected me to say that. {smiles*} my opinion rather would be take a break unless you’re in a vibe. There are some people who can write rhythmically and for the sake of synergy they made it happen.They are filled with stuff like…. the rappers have been on my mind since this whole hands up don’t shoot It’s such an aggressive action in the United States right now. I’m expecting rappers to come out any day with a ‘hands up don’t shoot’ rap and I’m sure they are coming up with something.

Personally I’m moved by inspiration and because recording is not the only thing that I do, I take long breaks (chuckles). I take ten year breaks but as a songwriter, I think they should just be sensitive to the needs of the world and to the voice of God in every way to make sure that they are lyrically sound in dealing with the world today, on both sides gospel and the secular world.

Priscilla- What makes a great Singer?

Kim – To me, what makes a great singer is a person who  first of all, appreciates music and project properly as well as have a great consideration for musicianship, the legend of music, the past, the history of music, artist of every kind and the ability to listen very well and listen to yourself and compare yourself and then identify with what great music is considered to be…that’s what makes a good singer and being able to operate from the depth of your soul in whatever kind of music you sing so that it can be sincere and effective.

Kim Burrell and late Whitney Houston Performing "I look to you"

Kim Burrell and late Whitney Houston Performing “I look to you”

Kim Sharing a moment with Whitney. May her soul rest in Peace

When I landed in LA, she was calling to see where I was and somebody else had my phone so she left a message and I wasn’t able to talk to her directly which I regret, she left a message saying she needed to see me and she was ready to get with me, you know, so we could vibe to get her on the path she wanted to be on for the weekend, but of course I got that call a little too late. I’m glad that we did get to share that moment on stage together.

Priscilla- How do you feel about Kierra Sheard Joining the Judges in this new season?

Kim – I think that was one of the greatest moves that BET could have made especially now that the world is continuously evolving and the youth is always the ID card of what’s next. It is their mindset and the way I think the world was created to be. God calls them because they’re strong and we need strength and energy in the gospel music field. I think that primarily it’s her season and so I’m happy for her that she is going in a season of great success in her family and her personal life.

Priscilla- You passionately prayed for a lady that was sick during the audition and wasn’t allowed to perform because of her condition and you got all emotional. Could you briefly share your personal experience when you said “I’ve been there”

KIm – Well, I’m writing a book to reveal the details about that but I was familiar with being debilitated in my breathing many many years as a child, and of all things my lungs were attacked. Deathly ill, taken to the hospital all of the time because I was at the point of death and so being familiar with her condition of not being able to breathe as I guess what normal people would do, I suffered that for many years and so I felt her pain. I’ve been there with tubes up my nose and stuffs. I was glad to pray for her because somebody prayed for me.

Priscilla- Wow! I look forward to reading your book. Moving on, How do you sincerely feel about the negative reactions/comments from people as a result of the outburst of a contestant that felt you and Pastor Donnie were not nice enough?

Kim – Well, you know in a way it’s a catch 22. As an artist,and a public figure {this day and time publicity is all good when you are secure in who you are} I don’t really have a big problem with the babies opinion as much as I did with the comments of the public.

I think it’s disappointing how quickly the christian society seemingly agreed with what they didn’t know the full story of, just what they showed on BET. To me, if they knew the whole story they would all be embarrassed about their reaction. It just proves that some people like who you are and some people don’t.

My feeling about that is I got to keep moving, I’ve dealt with negativity before. My sister and I share this understanding when she hears a baby cry she immediately wants the baby to stop and cure whatever is causing the child to cry, but I’m different in that regard because I like to hear babies cry because to me it reveals their personality. If in fact it is an emergency of course the baby wants to be fed or changed or whatever the necessities are it is good to do that, but it is not my recommendation to always shut a baby up.

So my reaction to what seems to be negative is my way of listening to a persons personality and if their personality or their level of intellect deems them any kind of attention from me that’s what they get. But when it’s negative, it is quickly ignored.

Priscilla- Christians beware, again let us not be quick to judge! To those who did not watch, the contestant later came back apologizing to Pastors Kim and Donnie.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Priscilla -Some say you are a very tough coach, I say you are a perfectionist. Do you see yourself as tough? {laughs}


Kim coaching BET Sunday Best contestant

Kim coaching BET Sunday Best contestants


Kim – {smiles} No I don’t see myself as tough at all. I see myself as a defender of the gospel and a protector of the gospel music world and I am not quick to let people who are not giving it their best to just kind of fly through. So you know, I just have to stop them and do what’s necessary for not only presentation but for the betterment of who they are and their career.

KIm Burrell in NIGERIA

Priscilla- What do you love most about Nigerians as someone who travels to Nigeria frequently?

Kim – I think I love the transparency that they have in their personalities, there’s not a lot that’s filtered. I don’t know if that is because their trying to convey to me because of the unfamiliarity of their language and culture and kind of bringing me in and making me comfortable in their country but I do appreciate their expression of praise, dance and their all around outrageous in someway personalities. I’ve seen them have conversations and it’s so hyped, that in America you would think that it is an argument. but it’s strictly Nigerian and sometimes I wish that I were Nigerian so that I can get my emotions out that way and not be misunderstood.

Priscilla {laughs}Awwwh! I feel you. Thanks for the kind words about my country. You know, Pastor Donnie said he thinks he’s from the Igbo culture of Nigeria, well, I would think the Yoruba Culture would fit you nicely. We are who we are and its so nice of you to be able to associate and relate well with Nigerians. We love you.

Kim on stage with Avalanche in COZA Nigeria

Kim on stage with Avalanche in COZA Nigeria

Priscilla-Who is your favorite Nigerian Gospel Artist? and if possible why?
Kim – My favorite Nigerian gospel artiste is Oyekan Dunsin- @dunsinoyekan– who is in Abuja, Nigeria at the COZA ministry. I call him an artist because he’s so well rounded. He can play the bass, the keyboard; he can sing as well, he can write, he can train other musicians. That’s an artist to me, someone who is well rounded, who can probably do it all. He is just sensitive to the Voice of God. He is filled with the Spirit. I just appreciate him. He has a kind heart and I just simply love him almost like a son if not like a son.

Kim Burrell with Dunsin at COZA, Abuja

Kim Burrell with Dunsin at COZA, Abuja

Priscilla- You were not scared of travelling to Nigeria especially to Abuja despite all the bombings etc. What gave you the confidence?

Kim- You know, I’m a firm believer and my favorite scripture is Philippians 1:6 …the 1st two words ‘Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:’ I have confidence in the Lord that there is no place that I believe that He would call me into and allow me to arrive if it was not for my Divine protection and for him to be glorified in it and so I do my best not to wear the cares of this world on my shoulders because ultimately, God has all the powers and you see my confidence is truly in God because by nature am a little bit shy and reserved when it comes to certain things that could be scary but my confidence in God gives me the ability to do whatever.

Priscilla – What message do you have for Nigerians?

Kim – I don’t claim to know the Nigerian Culture or personalities well enough to outrightly give a message, because I like to be direct but for the Nigerians I have met, from my heart, am saying keep fighting the good fight of faith, do not compare yourself with anyone, do not give up and continue to be who God has called you to be.

Priscilla- When are you visiting Nigeria again?
Right now, I don’t know, just as I did not know in the past about forthcoming visits, invitations just kind of come up with months’ notice, probably before the end of the year. But I’ve build some good relationships, so next year I should be in Nigeria.

Kim Burrell’s Projects:

I have a new album I’m about to begin in September, we should release probably in March of next year. I’m excited about my new TV shows – Real Talk with Kim Burrell on the Impact TV Network, can be followed on the world wide web look up Impact Network Kim Burrell.

I have so many things on my list of things to-do…I’m writing a book and I’m excited about that. It’s called “Let Freedom Sing” and should be out in early 2015.










Just KIM 

Priscilla- Do tell us 5 things about you that we do not know
Kim – Perfect..

  • I am highly competitive,
  • Extremely humourous
  • I have a big big heart
  • I love to give
  • My son is my favourite person in the world

Priscilla- What song are you listening to at the moment?
Kim – I’m Listening to Rahsaan Patterson who does not sing gospel but has an incredible voice and I’m listening to the music I’m about to record with the international Artist Frank Ocean.

Priscilla- Any Pet Peeve?

Kim-{uhmmmm!} I do not like people talking over me.

Priscilla (giggles}

Priscilla- 3 healthy Habits you recommend for singers?
Kim- Sleep, water intake and studying music

Priscilla – Curious about your Family, What do you want us to know about your family briefly?
Kim – I have two sisters and a brother that I grew up with who is my older brother, I recently lost my mother – she died December 1, 2013 – my life does feel empty without her in some ways but I am fulfilled with love of my brothers, sisters and my father, I have one child – Christian and an assistant who is like my sister.

A word to your fans?
Kim – I want to thank every person who has ever thought of what it is I do musically to invest in me by way of finances and great words. Thank you for the love you share to the degree of over 800,000 people following me on Facebook and almost 200,000 on Twitter. Thank you for the life you have created for me in the public that I could not do alone. Thank You!

Facebook: Kim Burrell

Twitter & Instagram @KimburrellLove


Priscilla Says: I would love to say, Kim has a fantastic team who made sure I got this interview. Thanks to Michelle who was calling me daily, updating, assuring me and did most of the job for me. Thanks Michelle.

May the gentle souls of Kim Burrell’s mother and Whitney Houston rest in perfect peace.

Thanks Kim for your time. You are such an amazing person. Praiseworld Radio Family loves you.. Shoutout to Michelle and Latesha for making sure I got this interview done. God bless your family especially Christian Joseph, KB ministry and Projects.

Watchout for Dominique Haddon and Lecrae’s Interview soon.

Much love

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