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“Angels Do Walk…” Udeme’s Exposé From #AngelsWalking By Karen Kingsbury | #ABookInHand @UdyLaughs


When former national baseball star Tyler Ames suffers a career-ending injury, all he can think about is putting his life back together the way it was before. He has lost everyone he loves on his way to the big leagues. Then just when things seem to be turning around, Tyler hits rock bottom…

We could begin to review this amazing book the normal way, but I’m sure that’ll be a repetition of information which Google, Wiki, Amazon and all other platforms could provide. So, we’re going to go into our real stories, experiences and high points as we engaged our senses in the latest Karen Kingsbury Series, Angels Walking.

This month, we read from the book by the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, published September, 2014 by Howard Books and we were thrilled, sharing our experiences and lessons on a daily basis via social media.

Meet Udeme Asian


Speaking on “Falling from Grace…”


On “The fight for Perfection…”




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