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“Gone Too Soon…” Amy’s Exposé From #AngelsWalking By Karen Kingsbury | #ABookInHand @emrysmilla202


Still on our real stories, experiences and high points as we engaged our senses in the latest Karen Kingsbury Series, Angels Walking… I’m dedicating my review to a friend we miss so dearly. So I’ll be majoring on #Faith #Miracles #Loss #Death #NewLife…

Gone too soon? But how? She was ninety…


Maybe Virginia… But Stacy (a friend I lost) was just perfect, a friend to all, always smiling, meeting people’s needs (and belly wise too…lol)… But she didn’t stay with us for so long. What she and her spouse had going? I never saw such friendship between man and wife… But no, not even for him, she didn’t stay for so long.

I hear that when God’s deeply in love with someone, He takes them home quickly, before the world takes them… But I never ever could imagine her without the Lord… she loved Him so, and it exuded in all of her being.

Maybe she was 20, or 30… Maybe she wasn’t as old as Virginia, who was battling with Alzheimer’s… But Alzheimer’s never stopped her from remembering Jesus. Maybe God didn’t actually take Virginia home soon enough, (afterall, she was ninety, ripe in age)… But to the people who were family, who met and loved her? Even going home after 10 decades on earth would still be too soon.

The time we have here on earth is enough time to make all the impact we have to make. Because we never know when our time will be up.

I’ve experienced pain… From situations I never had control of… To many tests and trials as we walk through life… To daily wondering how bad things happen to good people, or why paople who have dedicated their lives to causing laughter and happiness could for a moment experience hurt and sadness… But…

I have watched people get through pain, and looking at their lives, I see for sure that it must have been something bigger, more powerful than them that brought them through.

Only God could have…

But even when you’ve experienced so much loss and pain and hurt, God still comes through. Every phase in life that dies, I’ve learnt, is to birth something new… So we always need to be ready for the rebirth. Sometimes, the sacrifice is hard… and He might not provide the lamb… But no matter what, we have to be prepared to give up whatever He asks for. ‘Cause He always makes a way! Take your new chance, pick up the baton and run with it. You Must Win!

My past choices have affected me deeply. Sometimes, I wonder how I’d start all over again. I have spent too much time pouring all my love on the wrong person, so bad I find it hard bringing down the wall to accommodate someone new.

But so clearly, Virginia spoke these words to me… “Sometimes, you talk about your mistakes and your past like… like you think you need to be perfect. You have to leave room for God’s Grace. Perfect is God’s job. You’ll live your life a lot happier of you stop trying to be perfect. Do your best for Jesus. When you fall short, He’ll carry you. The way He’s carrying me right now.”

And so I pray everyday for God to perfect all that concerns me, and even though it’s so hard, help me find a reason to love completely again… This time, to be in love with the right person… ‘Cause I’ve learnt…

Chuck’s support towards his wife Cheryl is amazing… That’s the kind of spouse we need right? The type Karen speaks of about her husband, Donald… The one where you “never know where you end and where he begins…”

Miracles… I know they still do happen. Even if they do not come through like we expect them to. Even when God says NO… I still know His plan was miraculous… I still look up to Him, to make sure that I do not hurt. I still trust Him with my life…

Even if that miracle you seek is like asking God to part the Red Sea all over again… Ask… God works in miraculous ways.

Thank God… Because He would move Heaven & Earth for you. He would go to the cross for you… And sometimes, He would even send Angels for you.

No matter the battles we face, God’s working out a plan… Always!

An Ode to a friend we miss so badly…
I could not stay one day without remembering you, angel…
I could say you left us too soon…
But you didn’t…
‘Cause you left enough to last us a life time.
Enough love.
So thank you for being our Angel.

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