BLOG: “Through Rose Colored Glasses” ~ By Seun Owope


“Oh no, not again”, that was her first thought as she awoke. She didn’t want to sleep with him but he made her feel loved and wanted even if it was just for one night and she might never see him again. He touched her and made her feel like she mattered but he didn’t even ask for her name or number but she thought it was fine because for one night she was loved and not alone.

Lonely girl.

“I should not have had sex with her” he thought; He knew that he took advantage of her. She was beautiful, lonely, insecure and naive, he could see this but the guys couldn’t and he had a bet at stake that he could not afford to lose. Well he didn’t have much choice now did he?

Confused Guy.

“I am a good person, I don’t care what anyone thinks or says about me; I am doing what I do to take care of my children and ensure they have a better life. It’s not their fault their Father died and left us nothing and I only want the best for them like every other Mother. Surely I am fighting for a good cause and God will bless me with long life to reap the fruit of my labor over my kids”…

She smiled sadly and checked her time it was 11pm; she pulled her tank top a little lower and struck a pose as a car slowly approached .

Sacrificing Mother.

“It is her fault, it is all her fault, if only she paid me more attention and satisfied my needs. She is so insensitive and doesn’t even care about how she looks; she is so cold and unappreciative of all my efforts and contributions to our family. Well I don’t care anymore too, I would take care of my kids and allow Alice take care of me”… He concluded as he called Alice his into his office.

Frustrated Husband.

We all have legitimate reasons to do anything we want to do, right and wrong have become relative to our unique perceptions of our situations and experiences. We usually think our challenges and experiences are unique to us alone but using temporary measures to solve problems always compound them.

We naturally gravitate to things and people that make us feel wanted and loved whether it is right or good for us or not, we welcome anything that is a temporary salve for pain. Why do we not go for lasting solutions?

The truth always sets free…

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