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“Will There Still Be These Kind Of Grandmas In The Next Generation?” ~ TOLA | #ABookInHand


For girls like Lexy who have lived all their life in a bad environment, who have been influenced with so much lies, to the extent it’s become the truth… One way or the other, we find that along the line, there must have been someone who stood for the truth, who they saw was different from the rest; but who for the most part, they never allowed influence them above the evils they’ve always known. For Lexy, it was her grandma.

My question is… Are there still gonna be such moms?

Are there still gonna be such grandmas in the next few generations? Because if the person always says “my mom used to tell me this and that…” and s/he is not accepting and adopting those teachings, then it leaves little or no values for his children to be able to boast of.

Many people like Helen Baylor, R. Kelly and the likes started from the truth. And they speak of how their grandmas, moms or dads influenced them. Only a few actually carry on such heritage for their kids.

For Lexy, her immediate environment was crazy, sinful and something as evil as you can describe Sodom. But in the midst of it all, there was a Grandma who still stood for what was right. There was a grandma’s Bible (an old scruffy book) to reveal God’s truth. My fear and concern is – Is this going into extinction? I mean, these grandmoms, we know they won’t be with us forever.

We are going to fill these shoes in the next generation… What kind of grandmoms/dads would we be?

Very good scenario – Lexy’s mom. She wasn’t her grandmom. She chose the wrong path and was living a life typical to the environment at that time. Now imagine if Lexy never knew her grandma and she had just her mom (who went to prison even before college) to learn from. There wouldn’t have been any flicker of hope.

Her being able to recognize the truth in whatever Mary Catherine (her new counselor/mentor) had to say was because of her encounter with virtue at home… Her Grandma. So from entertainment, to music, down to technology and other sectors, what are we passing on to the next generation?

I know there still will be such grandmoms.

Question is… Are you gonna be one of them? I’m gonna be one of them sha.

Lessons From The Angels


One thing that was recurrent in the ‘Chasing Sunsets’ story was the power of prayer, and how much the angels continually emphasized on it’s importance. And if this story in this novel is anything to go by, angels also pray, very earnestly.

“Your prayers matter. Mary Catherine. Keep praying” ~ Jag p130

“God knows better than we do. He always does. Even when it doesn’t make sense” He looked to the door again. “keep praying” ~ Jag

This book has taught me not to joke with prayers. Gosh!


Imagine using a pen knife during a fight when you have an AK47 at your possession. That’s exactly how it is when we try to tackle issues with any other weapon asides the Name of Jesus. This was another recurring lesson taught by the angels in this novel. Even your angels use it.

I recall a time Jag (an angel) was faced with demons and he was trying to struggle with them, till he remembered he had this powerful weapon at his disposal. He used it, and about what happened? Your guess is as right as mine.

“The name of Jesus. Scripture was clear about the power of that one name. At the mention of the name of Jesus the demons had no choice but to obey. Every time.” ~ p35

Fav Characters…

Well…. Mehn Marcus was too good to be true. Well, in this book I read, he was born again. But then, again, he was too good to be true. I was looking for a time when he’d flare up or be angry at all of MC’s excuses. #JustSaying Or do Christian brothers never vex? LOL (Well, I thought he was used to the ‘easy’ girls and he was ready to fight. You know how you guys are now. You like to chase.)

I could connect well with Coach Wayne and his family. Because he wasn’t just Marcus’ boss. He was a life coach, leader, and teacher. (Just like you… Lol) Plus there was a dysfunction in his family, that’s what I liked. The book didn’t portray everything about him to be perfect, but I loved him.

My Fav? JAG! He’s an example of what proper handling of past failure could result to. He had control, He listened well to Aspyn, his partner, respected and listened well to her.

Like David. He was a very passionate worshiper, and whenever he went wrong, he was always quick to repent. Jag was a perfect example of what teammates should be like at the work place as well.

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