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Lagos, NIG — The Best-Selling Author of CHOSEN: A Tale of Purpose, Courage and Determination Has Done it AGAIN!

Through her first book and numerous writings, the clairvoyant and impactful author, Adesewa Eniola Adeoye has touched many hearts and souls based on being among God’s select. Her newest and most precious book yet, The Chosen Prayer Memoir delivers on over 50 days prayers, comprising of excerpts from the Novel and scripturally-spined prayers.

Each page is filled with messages to heal and open your heart to the reason why God has selected you and how you can live through it! Anyone who holds serenity and fixed focus on purpose MUST purchase and be involved in this heart-warming praying journey.

Adesewa E. Adeoye is not just an amazing clairvoyant and a best-selling author, she also holds her degrees in communication. Adesewa’s book, “The Chosen Prayer Memoir”, is more than a regular journal. It is prayer challenge book, for the next 50 days and more. It does not matter if prior to this time you had a prayer plan and purpose. This exceptional book is set to light up your spirit with great and abounding testimonies.

One must purchase this book and experience for themselves how in waiting to blossom in purpose one can stay in the place of prayer. This book makes the perfect gift and tool to someone you love as it has included on its pages slots for a prayer list. The prayer list is included to help become an intercessor in the most littlest of ways. You also have the chance to pen down what answers and instructions received from God as relating to each prayer made.

“The Chosen Prayer Memoir” will keep anyone centered in purpose perfection throughout the day, and will help you remember that you are who you are for others. This goes for any religion, sex or race. This spiritual book is published and distributed in Nigeria.

AFRICAREEDS, are the official online store. They are a social enterprise that offers a wide selection of new and used books at great prices. Visit to get your copy. You may also visit to purchase a copy.

Adesewa E. Adeoye, Author of the book "Chosen".

Adesewa E. Adeoye, Author of the book “Chosen”.


Adesewa Eniola Adeoye is a certified media specialist. She is an Associate Editor of Possibilities Magazine, a work for Christian’s in the workplace.

Vested with the gift of acute observation, she has an insightful passion to help people live happy fuller lives. This would never be possible without her ardent dependency on God.

She is totally committed to helping the girl-child find her confidence and live the life that is not limited by deficiencies and self-esteem issues. Adesewa is the Head of Operations and Coordinator of the Girl-Child project of Bimbo & Friends, an initiative that seeks to help youths find their dreams.

Amidst the oddity of life, she has found purpose, vision and revelation and she is set to take on the world with Jesus Christ in the Lead.

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