BIG Move!!! Lecrae Signs To Columbia Records


Grammy Award-winning gospel rapper Lecrae has made another BIG move by signing to Columbia Records as does his label, Reach Records. Columbia Records is the biggest label under Sony Music.

Lecrae’s vision to expand outside the Christian Hip Hop space is coming into fruition, now that the Grammy Award-winning rap star and his Reach Record imprint is now part of the Columbia Records family.

The real name, no gimmicks MC posed earlier today with Joel Klaiman Executive Vice President and General Manager of Columbia Records, Ben Washer Co-Owner/CEO of Reach Records and Rob Stringer Chairman and CEO of Columbia Records to signify the ink had dried on the new contract.


The big label merger is coming off the heels of his breakthrough album Anomaly, debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 Chart, garnering himself undeniable respect from all factions and subgenres within the culture.

In the thick of a a recent interview with HipHopDX, Lecrae spoke on blurring the lines, stigmas and preconceived notions on the type of music he makes.

“What I feel like in terms of my music is I want people to wrestle with the complexity of it and the beauty of the complexity and not just kinda write it off like ‘I get what it is. It’s just rap.’ Or ‘It’s Christian,’” he explained. “Or ‘It’s indie.’ Whatever. I want you to like, no, it’s it’s own thing. Sit with it and wrestle with it and what it is in it’s own unique package. So when they hand out Grammys for that type of stuff, cool. I think that’s why people want to win Album of the Year because that means it transcends all the little pockets. It’s just good.”

In addition to the follow-up for Anomaly, Lecrae is also promoting the pages of his new book, Unashamed, which dropped on May 3.


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