“God Is About To Take That ‘NO’, Flip It And Use It To Put You ‘ON’ ” | James Fortune

Well, we all know the story behind the rejected stone becoming the chief corner stone in the bible. It can be related to a real life story with the short scenario of a man called Joseph who was rejected by his own blood brothers.

This tragic and cruel event that occurred almost brought his world to an end. Life was hardly worth living for, but in the end, Joseph was the means God used to save the nation from starvation.

According to James Fortune: ” God Is Going To Flip That No And Use It To Put You On.” The gospel music artiste took to Instagram to encourage Christians with a short message saying;

“Psalms 118:22 The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone. Do not be discouraged because of the No. God is going to flip that No and use it to put you on.

I wouldn’t dare call God petty but He does have a way of putting you On in the presence of the same people that said No. In other words He gives them VIP seats to a seat at the table that He prepares for you.

Rejection could be God’s protection! Trust the process, keep pressing, and prepare for the promise. You about to get put On! #dearfutureme #jamesfortune #iforgiveme @theeginamiller”


James Fortune is a chart-topping recording artist, singer and songwriter. A preacher’s kid from Houston, Texas and has recorded seven albums. Earned two Grammy nominations, and ministered in front of thousands around the world.



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