BUZZ: ‘Fresh Hour’ with Lawrence Ikiri Premières November 3rd on One Gospel


Nigerian Gospel act, Lawrence Ikiri has emerged the presenter of a new music show tagged FRESH HOUR on One Gospel Network.

The show premières on Monday, November 3, by 6pm (Nigerian time).

It will subsequently air by 6pm on Mondays, 10am on Tuesdays and 8pm on Saturdays.

Catch the show on DSTV Channel 331.



Ikiri Lawrence has always been, is and will always be about the music. A man of many talents, an artist, songwriter, music producer, music director and Entreprenuer. He excels in all that he does.

He was born and raised in a large family of musical maestros, where the pursuit of excellence in all things was taught and fully demonstrated by his parents. His father having been in the choir in his youth, created an environment of musical prodigy and creativity amongst his children, often encouraging them to put together entertaining performances for captive audiences that consisted of prominent and stately figures.

Ikiri, popularly and affectionately known as “Mr Sweet Song” to his adoring fans, remembers quite vividly how that he never really saw himself growing up to become a performing and recording artist. This seems ironic, given his childhood penchant for imitating popular stars and pretending to be performing in front of throngs of appreciative fans.

As he grew in school, his creativity found different outlets in other disciplines, such as dancing. Ikiri’s dance group was so good, they entered and won competitions. At this time, music was not the primary focus for him, but he still perpetuated a very deep and intense love affair with it.

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