Every year a rumor or an idea rears its ugly head with the aim of tarnishing our Christian faith. It always seems like we Christians are always fighting against or constantly defending our belief system.

This year is no different as Mark Russell and Richard Pace have joined forces to develop a comic series which focuses on the story of Jesus Christ. According to CBN News, the series focuses on Jesus going on a mission to learn what it means to be a “true messiah”.

Now here’s where it gets out of hand, the comic insinuates that Jesus cannot complete this mission without the help of a superhero called “Sun-Man”. Also in this same series, Jesus is painted as a naive individual who has no idea of what is happening here on earth ever since he returned back to heaven.

The instigators; Russell and Pace are said to portray in the series that God is not omnipresent and omniscient, thereby turning Jesus into a mere sidekick for Sun-Man.

During an interview Russell explained the content of this comic series;

“God was so upset with the fact that he got crucified the last time that he wouldn’t even let him look through the celestial keyhole at Earth to keep up.

He still gets to talk to people when they come to Heaven so he has a rough idea of what’s going on down there.

He doesn’t know how sideways things have gone until he’s come down to Earth and sees it for himself.” 

The popular DC Comics company were said to have also joined forces to collaborate with the new comic series but when a CitizenGo campaign was developed to petition against the series which has now received over 230,000 signatures,  DC Comics decided to take a step back with the collaboration.

The Petition highlighted the fact that if the comic had mocked Islam or Buddism, it would have led to a political uproar. It also goes on to state that the Story of Christ being ridiculed is totally unacceptable.

“Can you imagine the media and political uproar if DC Comics was altering and poking fun at the story of Muhammad…or Buddha?

This blasphemous content should not be tolerated. Jesus Christ is the Son of God. His story should not be ridiculed for the sake of selling comic books.”

Interestingly as it stands, the authors behind this comic series are now said to be searching for a new publisher;

“The big news on Second Coming is @manruss and I asked for our book back and @dccomics very generously is doing so.

We’re looking forward to announcing the new home for Sun-Man, Jesus and their family soon.”

So, technically this fight isn’t over because both authors are now looking for a new Publisher for this shady and disrespectful comic series.

This is just the first phase of Victory for the Christian Community but we are rest assured that every counsel against us as a community seizes to stand from this moment in Jesus name.


Written by

Oluwatobi Adeboye-Joshua