WINEPRESS 2017 Conference

The great thing about new beginnings is not just the opportunity for a fresh start but sometimes, the chance to evaluate strategies, tactics, performances and accomplishments.

And what better way to do any or all of these than with deep insight and instructions from God, especially in a time like this. This is the summary of our expectations at WINEPRESS 2017. Welcome aboard!

As is our tradition, this year’s event is packed with tremendous ministrations from extraordinary men of God and sensational singers, set to elevate your spirit and prepare you for the year ahead.

The seven-day event running from 17th to 22nd January 2017 will include morning programmes with richly delivered word/ impartation and a couple of evening sessions with phenomenal worship led by Sinach and Chioma Jesus.

In an atmosphere intensely rigged with prayers and heartfelt worship, we hope for nothing less than a renewed vigour, stemming from transformative insights to take on the year ahead.

Winepress is a conference created to set the tone for the year 2017 and redefine the possibilities for the new year. Its a time to receive specific instructions that will make you stand out amongst the multitude. Come and be blessed.


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