Wilson Joel Shares Tip On Greatness 1

Wilson Joel Shares Profound Tip On Greatness

Veteran music producer Wilson Joel, popularly known as ‘music magnate‘ shares an interesting tip on achieving greatness.

The House On The Rock Church music director who is the first Nigerian producer to ink an endorsement deal by German musical software and equipment company Steinberg mentioned that everybody is gifted in diverse ways and that to be a copy of someone else, is to ignore greatness.

He went on to state through his Instagram page that greatness is achieved by activating all of your “arsenals.”

“You are already #GREAT you just need to begin the #ACTIVATION of all your #ARSENALS. The average human has 2 Talents minimum [off heart, I must have about 7 talents at least]

Yorùbás will say it this way “ònà kan o wọ ọjà” [Entry into the marketplace is open to everyone with great ideas & impeccable drive].

#StayWoke #TimeDeyGo #Switch #Twitch#BreakTheRules #LiveForYou#WorkYourGift #DieEmpty#TheGraveIsFilledWithUnfulfilledDestinies


He is an Award winning producer, songwriter,mixing and mastering expert, CEO of Doxology Music and Steinberg ambassador. He is known to have acquired a wealth of knowledge within and outside the shores of Nigeria working with companies such as Universal Records.

Wilson Joel is a music producer with over 15 years of musicianship. He has produced for Universal Music Group, South Africa and he is the Head Honcho at Recording hub Doxology Music. He recently became the 1st Nigerian Steinberg endorsed music producer.

His many notable works include  “Miracle Worker” by Glowreeyah, “Alagbara” by Onos and lots more. He also scores music and does audio forensic for Movies, the most recent being “Just Not Married” by movie producer Judith Audu.

He has worked with various international stars from Donnie McClurkin, to Judith Sephuma(SONY BMG SA), Sammie okposo, kefee, Wanda Baloyi(UNIVERSAL MUSIC SA), Lulu Dikana(UNIVERSAL MUSIC SA), Lili Feng(UNIVERSAL MUSIC CHINA & SA) and many more.