Why Should I Wash My Hands After Using The Toilet? ~ @TyLegal

wash-hands-ebola-precautionWash your hands after using the toilet.’

Those were the signs I saw when I first walked into the toilet at my workplace. Everyone should know this, right? Or so I thought. Yet people troop in and out of the restroom without so much as cleaning their hands…

Could they be allergic to water or what? Why would someone use the restroom without washing the hands afterwards?

I heard somewhere that it is not necessary to wash the hands after urinating to save water and paper… hmmmm. Another person was of the opinion that if he takes his bath daily and does not pee on his body, then there was no point washing his hands. Still, some others say that men do not necessarily have to wash their hands after peeing. Different interesting schools of thought. Anyway, what do you think?

I think it is necessary to always wash the hands after any contact with any form of bacteria-laden surfaces. Toilet handles tend to be laden with layers of bacteria so it is always safer to wash the hands often than run the risk of getting infected or passing bacteria to another person.


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