Why I Think You Should Read The Bible ~ By @OpeWalker

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The bible is God’s word to us!

Also, the bible is many things that you may not even begin to comprehend. It is a great collection of several books written by many a different authors decades apart. Only recently, and I’m been modest with the use of recently, because that was centuries ago actually; anyways, only recently was it put together as a book.

It is a great read as it is made up of many great aspects of literature put together. If you aren’t a Jesus follower yet, but you love history, the bible is a great place to start. It contains documented and yet proven historical facts that we may otherwise have never known about in our time today.

It has a great collection of poems and proses. Wordplay and all that makes for a great read.

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The bible  has fictional and non-fictional stories. Great mysteries and unashamed romantic inclinations. Edge of your seat war stories that haven’t yet been accurately represented on the big screen.

You know how they say “you only live one life, but a thousand when you read a book”? Well, with the bible, you not only live a thousand, you actually live for all eternity. That’s a good reason to start.

If you’re curious about this whole Jesus thing, but you had been disappointed by people who claimed to be Christians; it may please you to know that Jesus already talked about it and made a way out for you. So get reading.

It makes for a great Sci-fi read too. Oh, I love that. Maybe Sci-fi at its best well over two thousand years ago. This will interest Star wars lovers. I mean the very first Star wars.

If you just love numbers and polls and censuses, there’s a considerable part of the bible just for you. In fact, it’s is named Numbers so you really can’t miss.

At least 780 Languages available

At least 780 Languages available

If you love foreign languages, the bible which I have mentioned earlier as a great collection of several books, was not originally written in English. So yeah, you can find Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew and more.

It also makes for great pharmaceutical history. As you’ll read about how leaves and dips in pools were used for medicinal purposes. Interestingly, there’s a certain tree which was recorded to bare twelve different leaves a year for the healing of the nations. Won’t it be great to discover this tree?

What’s more, reading the bible offers inspiration. Very close to home, is the post you’re currently reading. It was inspired just after reading a chapter of one of the books of the bible.

And if you’re like me, that you have reading goals for a year or period of time, the bible is a great way to start. It’s mostly free online, so you can pick one book at a time. Most beautiful, is that it contains 66 books, so that’s more than can go around one book a month for the next how many years? 5 and the half years basically. That’s a great reading plan if you ask me. Funny thing is, you may be done before that timeline is up.

If you ever needed help to know how to raise your kids,  the bible has documented tips that had been read for centuries – tried, tested and True. You should pick it up.

What about fashion? It’s in there. What’s more, you can get daily clothing tips that would blow your mind,  literally. Plus it makes for great runway/collection ideas

You need to revolutionise your industry, but do not know how? The bible offers examples of young, old,  men and women who have changed the course of history. You may read about them and be inspired.

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Oh and music. How I love music, and more music and more music. If I told you God sings and dances, would you believe? It’s all in the bible. Plus, lyrics, more lyrics and inspirations for more lyrics are contained therein. Music for all occasions are scripted in there. Some with customised beats, others you my jump your own beats on them.

Career inspiration? Get Reading. It would interest you to note that many professions were mentioned in the bible that may help you in choosing your career. Sports? It’s in there. Or you didn’t think that they played sports 2, 000years ago? They had tournaments,  people. They really had. Birthright, burial rites and everything in between can most certainly be found in the bible.

All I’m saying is, if you’ve never found a reason to get started on the books of the bible, especially if you aren’t  a Jesus follower, these are some reasons to.

Also, Jesus followers may find something new to read about. And yes, oh how they do. It’s like reading a piece of literature for the first time, even though it isn’t your first.

If you can think of many other reasons,yes add them to the these ones. They are a great way to get your week/weekend started.


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