While Waiting Book Launch & 6th Anniversary Dinner (The Significant Life) | Fikayo Adeyinka

Whilewaiting is a community of mature single and confident ladies, 30 years and over who are constantly working towards God’s intention for singleness.

In  2010 God gave me an instruction to gather mature women waiting to be married together, to form a force against the devil and to strengthen them in their waiting period to help reduce the pressure experienced while waiting to be married.

We creat an enabling atmosphere for capacity, fun and faith for ladies to enjoy resonating fulfilment before marriage.

To help mature single ladies cope with the waiting period/pressures before marriage by helping them discover purpose, build necessary capacity on the journey to becoming fulfilled wives and mothers through our various programs.

Living as God intended (I Corinthians 7:17)

SUMMARY OF MY MEMOIR – WHILEWAITING…My Search for Love and Fulfillment.

This compelling memoir explores the journey, struggles and eventual victory of a lady desperate to find love. She shares her challenges as a child from a broken home, the search for love and validation, her hunger for spiritual growth and quite vividly, her quest for deliverance from a debilitating spiritual bondage.

This book, through its humour, down to earth conversational tone and deeply researched scriptures exposes the conquest of light over darkness as well as the liberating power of God’s Word. It is a must read for every single person searching for freedom, meaning and fulfillment.


Over the years, I have seen a lot of women search for answers to fulfilling this desire to find love and fulfillment from wrong place. I have carried the burden to encourage mature single women to hold on to that dream despite their age, societal and family pressure, or fear of menopause. I have also watched a lot of women struggle to free from all limitations, but search through wrong channels and getting no results.

But, through this memoir, which is a complete book (covering various aspects) for women waiting to be married. I bring hope to the lonely, rejected and down trodden. I bring an assurance of victory to those spiritually bonded and limited by unseen powers. I testify to a more supreme power that delivers sweatlessly! I affirmed the need to get a life and deliberately make progress while waiting to be married.  I bring practical, tested and proved tips on what to do during the “Waiting Period”. I have shared attributes that can keep women attractive always, and what to do when the ‘knight in shining armor’ finally shows up.

Our aim is to see every lady across the globe, get this information there by living a free fulfilled life in hope and with the assurance that their joy and their marital dreams would surely come true!

Our 6th anniversary & book launch  comes up on the 18th of February, 2017 from 2pm for the purple carpet. Its a black tie/ dinner gown event. Event is FREE and interested persons should register by visiting to follow the link. Venue details will be sent  upon registration.

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