What Are The ‘3 Things You Can’t Do Without’? ~ TyLegal

essentials-of-lifeGrowing up, we were taught that the three essentials of life are food, clothing and shelter. And this seemed to make a lot of sense back then. As a matter of fact, I didn’t think any other thing could top that list.

How wrong I was. The 21st century came and altered that list drastically. Ok, maybe not shelter, but food and clothing? Not so essential anymore…

Let’s start with food. Is food really that important? These days, almost everybody is staying away from food in an effort to lose weight and stay trim. You work so hard sometimes that you forget to eat.

And as for clothing, it’s rather unfortunate that the likes of Kanye West’s clothing line says it all. You really don’t need to be clothed to walk the streets. Nudity is becoming the order of the day. *sad*

Somehow, shelter has managed to stay on the list. Whether you are trying to lose weight or  you are displaying your bathing suit for all to see, at the end of the day, you’ve got to lay your head somewhere.

So for me, the three essentials of life in this present age are phone, internet and shelter. What’s yours?

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