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On Friday, 17th July, 2015, Snapshots Production of Covenant Christian Centre projected  the Nigeria of our dreams in a live theatre production titled “Nigeria 2060: Back From The Future”, written by Omotunde Akiode and directed by Duka Kachi.

Check out photos from the event…

From the red carpet (which was unique by the way), as the grand entrance had pictures of the future Nigeria, with places like Kaduna, Lagos, Oyo, Kano and so on becoming mega cities come 2060…

IMG_4007 IMG_4009 IMG_4017IMG_4040

Meet the…IMG_4011

And most recent graduates as well…IMG_4022 IMG_4030

They believe in Nigeria…IMG_4041 IMG_4076 IMG_4048 IMG_4042 IMG_4073

She believes in Nigeria too… IMG_4064

And yes… Our very own Eyiyemi was all smiles… Come 2060, she still will be, ’cause she believes in Nigeria!!!IMG_4090

Do You See The Future?

Of a Nigeria that’s very orderly…IMG_4106

A Nigeria where our graduates have choice jobs all lined up, with the option of being wherever/whoever they want to be…IMG_4278

Where paramedics are right on time…IMG_4294

With State-Of-The-Art medical services…IMG_4297

…But when something goes wrong…


War breaks out…IMG_4490

Whether you missed this live performance or not, #Nigeria2060 is a production we need to watch all the time as we work our way through a better Nigeria… So check out the entire stage performance below…

#Nigeria2060(Back From The Future) – A Live Theatre Projection Of The Nigerian Of Our Dream

More Photos After The Cut…

IMG_4190 IMG_4237 IMG_4217 IMG_4207 IMG_4202IMG_4244 IMG_4267 IMG_4249IMG_4323 IMG_4502 IMG_4453 IMG_4409 IMG_4370

Plus various talents on the fashion runway, ranging from Mbasi TCharles, to Diadem and Urbane Couture…IMG_4140 IMG_4183 IMG_4179 IMG_4166 IMG_4162 IMG_4155 IMG_4148 IMG_4142

We believe in #Nigeria2060… Do You? Follow the hashtag and share your thoughts, prayers and hopes for our dear Nation…1

Kudos to the entire crew of Snapshots Productions and the Covenant Christian Centre for this awesome and creative endeavour…
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