WATCH: 21:03 Premiers New Music Video “I’m Gonna Make It” | @21o3


Detroit, Yahoo! Music — Stellar Awards winning gospel duo 21:03 may have titled its latest EP Outsiders, but finding acceptance among its peers is hardly an issue. The set released in March made its debut at No. 1 on the Top Gospel Albums chart.

The Detroit group’s appeal is evident in the music video for “I’m Gonna Make It,” a new electronic dance track from the project premiering exclusively on Yahoo Music.

Like a dance visual from Usher or Chris Brown, the “I’m Gonna Make It” clip is about the choreography, and 21:03 members Evin Martin and Torrence Greene stay focused, putting their moves on display while singing the song’s uplifting lyrics that claim victory, “Life won’t get the best of me/I’m still standing.”

The deluxe version of the Outsiders features a video for each song, a first for gospel music. The group made its debut in 2003 as a trio but downsized after Jor’el Quinn exited following the release of their last album, 2011’s Evolved…from Boys to Men.

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