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Married for 23 years, you cannot help but admire how in tuned they are with each other; the silent understanding between them is fascinating. Watching them communicate with their eyes is so impressive.. They are dedicated, talented and selfless. Please welcome my first Canadian Guests: “Pastors Emilie and Bernie”

Bernie felt called to ministry as a youth, which led him to attend Northwest Bible College (now called Vanguard College) in Edmonton. He has taken Royal Conservatory piano and theory, as well as several music courses and conferences over the years. While working at his dad’s Lumber business, he would volunteer in music and young adult ministry at his home church, Mill Woods Assembly. When he began to receive invitations from other churches to serve as their worship pastor, Mill Woods Assembly hired him as their full time music minister. He has served in this ever-changing and growing role of ministry for nearly 30 years. 

Emilie also felt called to ministry as a teen and attended Northwest Bible College. However, it was following Bernie’s years there which means they never crossed paths during their college years. She was hired by the district office for the PAOC Alberta and NWT District in her last year of college and then continued on in a full time role doing administration as well as graphic design. About 15 years ago she transitioned into starting a home business as a graphic designer, and then continued on in a part-time role doing the graphics for the PAOC Alberta and NWT District. This has given her some flexibility as she enjoys being able to volunteer with Bernie in his ministry role.



BernEm Option2

Meet Pastor Bernie & Emilie

Love Matters:

Priscilla: Thank you for joining me today. How and where did you meet?
Emilie: Our Pleasure Priscilla. Prior to our first meeting we both knew of each other through ministry events, and through mutual friends. We met for the first time at a music conference in California.

Priscilla: How has it been  married to each other?

Bernie: It’s amazing to share your life and ministry with someone who holds the same values and has similar passions in life.

Emilie: There are lots of laughs along the way, and Bernie is a very consistent person so I enjoy the stability.


Priscilla: Did you ever think before marriage that you were going to marry a Singer?

Emilie: No! I didn’t expect to, however, I knew I would be involved in the music ministry even if it were on my own.
Bernie: It wasn’t a pre-requisite, but I’m glad it turned out that way. {chuckles)


Priscilla: How do you resolve conflicts?
Bernie: Trying to see the other’s person point of view and then talking about it.
Emilie: Communicate my feelings on the issue from my own perspective instead of any expectations I may have from him. In other words, “I feel” instead of “you should”. Well, at least I try to do this {laughs}


Priscilla: Why do you think there is a high rate of separation/divorce between couples who are gospel artists
Bernie: Perhaps performers have to deal with bigger egos
Emilie: It’s  possible they place their priorities on music instead of

1) their relationship with God, and then

2) their relationship with each other.


Priscilla: What advice do you have for Couples who are musicians as regards balancing ministry and marriage?
Bernie: Decide on what healthy boundaries look like in your life and aggressively seek to achieve those.
Emilie: It is a real benefit for us to both feeling a ‘calling’ to music ministry. Ministry/marriage balance would be difficult if one of us weren’t involved in music ministry. But my first thought is to always cultivate an intimate, real and vibrant relationship with Jesus every day. God’s Word and the Holy Spirit’s prompting help me to be a good wife to Bernie. And, if it’s in that order, I’ll also have a balanced perspective in worship ministry.


Priscilla: On this Special Valentine day, what do you have to say to each other?
Emilie: “Thank you for being my best friend and for your faithful love over these 23+ years. Love you always!”
Bernie: “I would ask you to marry me all over again.” I asked her to marry me close to Valentine’s Day.

Priscilla: AWWWWW!!!! So Sweet  ( Emily Blushing) And how do you intend spending this special day (Valentine)

Bernie: (Chuckles) We will likely spend our Valentine’s Day at the Cabin, just enjoying a day off since it falls on a Saturday. We always exchange cards.

Priscilla: Awesome!!


Music Matters:

Priscilla: How has it been like singing together as Couples on stage?
Bernie: It’s nice to be singing with someone I’m so familiar with, and it sure makes rehearsals easier when we can do them at home.
Emilie: It’s always an honour and huge blessing to worship God with someone I love.



Emily & Bernie Worshipping!

Priscilla: Please mention healthy singing habits you encourage singers to cultivate?
Bernie: Warm up | proper technique |singing regularly to keep your voice in good condition.
Emilie: The biggest prep time during the week is ‘worshipping’. But then, KNOW your music, your lyrics, and focus on blending with those you’re singing alongside.


Priscilla: Have you ever experienced any stage anomalies: stage problem, forgetting lines, embarrassments, testimonies etc-if yes, please share.
Bernie: The time I got up to sing an 8 line song at a wedding for the bride coming down the aisle. I sang the first two lines totally ‘blanked’ and then made up two lines (for which I had no clue to what I said) and then sang the last two lines of the song. After that, the pianist and I sat down on the front pew, looked at each other, and did everything we could not to explode into gales of laughter!

Priscilla: Hahahahahahahahahahah*” Hilarious. What about you Emilie?

Emilie I just endorse my husband’s anomalies …haha* I can’t think of anything to top that!

All Laughs!


Priscilla: Favourite Songs and why?
Bernie My favourite songs have solid lyrics that are musically interesting.
Emilie: I love learning new songs, but two that come to mind now are “Great is Thy Faithfulness” because of it’s rich lyric and God’s faithful promises are amazing. And “Agnus Dei – Alleluia” Some songs just seem to have an anointing on them, and this one does for me. It seems to bring the worshipper right into our Holy God’s presence.


Priscilla How difficult is it to manage a Choir with different backgrounds and nationalities?

Choir by Bernie

An Outstanding Yearly Easter Musical Play beautifully put together by Bernie & Emilie.

Bernie: It’s not difficult! We are all joining together to sing something we all enjoy, for the same purpose, in unity. And everybody who is there, wants to be there.



Priscilla: You visited Africa recently, please share your experiences.


Visited Kids at an Orphanage in Tanzania

BOTH: We visited South Africa and Tanzania. It was an incredible experience, something we had dreamed of doing for years. We were able to visit some music ministry friends: Jeffrey’s Bay, Erwin & Shauna Blaak, who are originally from Edmonton.

In Tanzania, we were blessed with meeting one of our sponsor children and her family, a very moving experience! AND we were able to sight-see in both countries. There is so much to see and experience in the huge continent of Africa! But it’s costly to get there and took many years of planning so it’s likely we won’t be going again… but we never say ‘never’.

Visited the Child we sponsor by the Serengeti (at her family home)




Priscilla: Any Shoutout?

Bernie: I am grateful that the Lord called me to serve in a church where the leadership supports the music ministry while letting me pursue the things that God has called me to.

Emilie: We thank God for blessing us both with a godly heritage from both families. Their love and support to us in ministry has been such an incredible blessing, besides the examples they set for us for loving God, and loving His bride, the church.

PRISCILLA: I want to specially thank Pastor Bernie and his lovely Beau- “Emilie” for graciously featuring on this special edition. I appreciate you.

Huge Shoutout to one of the finest Choir in Alberta. I know y’all will be reading (laughs)

Shoutout to Millwoods Assembly -one of the largest Church in Edmonton with a diverse community of different tribes and nationals. Shoutout to the leadership as well.

And a giant shoutout to everyone reading. Love, love, Love you all. Hey, You can also check out my previous Exclusive Interviews and just have a good time. HAPPY VALENTINE, Show some love today and always. God bless you.

Bernie & Emily

Happy Valentine from us.

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