Thank you

In one word…

I’m AMAZED.. amazed at all that You’ve done,
All of the love that you give, unconditionally…
And then I ask, why?
Is there something in this for you?
Once again you tell me to hush…
Saying, there’s no question as to why you do the things you do
It’s not because of who I am, but because of who you are…

Who are you?

I’m DAZED… Dazed at whom I have become because of you in my life
You are the reason I’m still standing,
Full of life and hopeful about tomorrow.
It could have been me at the other side
In want, distress, wallowing in the miry clay
But here I am, clothed in the awesomeness of you.
You are mindful of me, not because of what I’ve done…

What have I done?

I’m DRENCHED in your love,
What have I done to deserve all I’ve been given?
It’s been you all the way, from old times till date
Making a way, watching my path
Keeping charge, to pick me up even when I fall
Through the good times and bad,
Your love is all I see, changing my story…

My story…

It’s CHANGED because of you.
Words are hard to explain what should have been
I take a look at me, and I see how you redirected the scripts
Taking me on a journey,
On a swift journey to greatness
Day by day, year after year
You unleash the best of me…

The best of me…

The BEST of me is hidden in all of you
And I see how you mould me carefully to taste.
Even when I stray, you pick up the pieces and mend again
It’s been a long time coming and this is still the beginning
I’m grateful for yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.

In one word?
One word is not enough to say all that’s in my heart…


In two words…


Would it ever be enough?


Only the living celebrate life…

Only the blessed ones not only exist but change lives as they go…

Everyday, I press… Hopefully, I get to touch you on my way…

I’m grateful to God for another year…

I count it all as a Privilege.


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