Nigerian gospel sensation and “Bobo Me” crooner Ada shares her testimony on how God delivered her family from a ghastly fire incident on Christmas day.

Praiseworld“Praise The Lord!!!

The Lord our God is strong and mighty and worthy to be praised, for He delivered my family and I with a mighty hand on Christmas day evening from a ghastly fire incident.

Just about 10 to 15mins after my ‘bobo’ and I returned from the 92.3FM’s Praise Jam, a generator set in my house caught fire mysteriously and before long, the big generator was also on fire. Soon the fire extended to d building.

Meanwhile we had no idea, until we heard, “FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!!!!” When we went over to the direction to see what was burning and who was shouting, we saw the fire and miraculously put it out!!!


Now this is the Miracle, the Angels of God kept the generators both with full tanks from exploding, kept the two big gallons of fuel which were close by calm, Kept the Fire inside the room in check such that the curtains were burning but the window frame, the roof, the wall and the RUG were dry, kept the tires the generators were both sitting on calm as well, until the fire went out. Also we put the fire out with mere water, and the only thing burnt was a window, the curtain and two Asbestos sheets.

People gathered to help burst out in tongues and praise, calling the names of God in praise, some in their native dialects. Hands were lifted up in Praise n worship because they witnessed a miracle. Some shouted “God is with them O!”

The Lord God of Host put out the Fires and preserved Our Lives and Property. Doing wonders in the midst of the people, magnifying his name amongst all who witnessed the Miracle.

 For how does one explain that the generators are burnt and mangled but the tanks are still filled with Gasoline?? Only God can do these things, and he alone deserves all the praise.

Jehovah Our God, faithful through the ages.

Blessed be his Name forever”

On behalf of the entire Praiseworld Family, we say “Halleluyah!!! Glory to God!!!”

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