The #OneHourHalleluyahChallenge which was inspired through popular Nigerian Gospel music artist Nathaniel Bassey has been going on for 8 days now; today being the 8th day. Testimonies have been flying across the nations showcasing God’s amazing power. Thousands of prayers are currently being answered and Christians all over are taking part in this challenge.

This challenge basically involves taking time apart to sing songs of worship to God for one hour from midnight. The movement which began on the 1st of June has taken a massive shift as many have shared their testimonies of prayers being answered and prayer lives being awakened.

Today was no different as the set man Nathaniel bassey shared a post tagged: OLOWOGBOGBORO; The special hand of God quoting. He had this to say about the post:

“The right hand of the LORD is doing valiant things. Hallelujah Day 8.                                Olowogbogboro ti n yo omo re ninu ofin… meaning the God with the long arms that deliver his children from the deep or pit.

JEHOVAH OLOWOGBOGBORO The One with a far reaching and outstretched arm.”

And as God would have it, the post went viral with many reposts and many more testimonies began to troop in as Nathaniel Bassey shared them making use of the phrase; OLOWOGBOGBORO.

Here’s a preview of some of the amazing testimonies:

“The Olowogbogboro won’t even wait till it’s afternoon. He is working SUDDENLY. “Pastor!!!! I’ve been advertising my training for months and noone paid or showed keen interest.

I am so broke yet I have this amazing product that will bless people. I have been mocked for leaving paid job to start out.

Many family and friends say I should go and get a job!
I have been following the halleluyah challenge but because of data I didnt join the live session until this morning Day 8. My testimony – the day is just breaking and I have the first payment for my training.” 

The OLOWOGBOGBORO just keep on showing himself :

“Hallelujah! Just “Negodu” ( just look at this God) “Got married 3 months ago and your podcast last night was the first time my wife and I prayed together since we started staying together”

And is if all of that was not enough, the biggest surprise of the day was a recap of the #OneHourHalleluyah Instagram session which took place at 12am in the morning. During the session the set man; Nathaniel Bassey had been praying in the spirit and kept on repeating the phrase “Balika pu la la” and unknown to him God was already at work.

A friend of his by the name Olumide Iyun took it a step further by searching for the meaning of “Balika pu la la” on google and the result was mind blowing:

Nathaniel bassey shared this revelation through his Instagram page:

“I have it on the authority of God’s word that there is somebody in this Hallelujah challenge, who has been believing God for a baby. And by the word of the LORD you shall conceive this Month, and in 9months shall be delivered of a baby girl.”
“Kept repeating a phrase in the Spirit yesternight, and I knew it was inspired utterance. But then my friend Olumide Iyun checked it out. And lo and behold – A GIRL CHILD.
Please save this post. Do a screen shot. Because in 9 months you shall testify. The mouth of the LORD has spoken this. And His zeal shall perform it. Amen.”

Oh People!! God is not a man, that He should tell or act a lie, neither the son of man, that He should feel repentance or compunction [for what He has promised]. Has He said and shall He not do it? Or has He spoken and shall He not make it good?

Hours after this, a powerful testimony came in to confirm the word spoken and Nathaniel Bassey shared it through his Instagram page:

“Powerful and funny at the end. ” sealing with action?” amazing God. After all, faith without WORKS is dead.

“Hmm… You really don’t know what is happening in the atmosphere! I CERTAINLY Know I have conceived.. We have been trusting God for the fruit of the womb for sum years But God answered us last night cos am sure I have conceived.

We have fasted! Prayed! Sow seeds! Done several Vigils, got prophesies upon prophesies but we were hanging on, trusting God for manifestation But until yesterday nothing happened…

When those words came yesterday I started saying it, I actually tot you were speaking in Tongues.. But just kept on repeating it with you… After the Praise myself and husband sealed it up with actions! And we spoke in tongues.

When I saw the meaning this morning I was like whaaaaaaat! Praise God. Now am not having a baby girl am having Twins” 

He is a God of awesome wonder. The God with an outstretched arm. The OLOWOGBOGBORO. It is not too late to join the #OneHourHalleluyahChallenge. There’s no doubt that God is set to do great and mighty things. If you are still contemplating, it is time to make that decision to take part and watch God blow your mind away. He is still in the business of making things happen if you just #Believe