Tamela Mann Becomes an Ambassador For Weight Watchers International

Gospel singer, actress and one half of the power couple David & Tamela Mann, Tamela has embarked on a healthier lifestyle journey by teaming up with Weight Watchers (now called WW) as their new celebrity ambassador.

WW International is an American company that offers various products and services to assist in healthy habits, including weight loss and maintenance, fitness, and mindset.

Mann, who has found both success and failure in weight loss in the past, says that this new decision to become be an ambassador for WW wasn’t so hard once she sat down to think about her reasons why.

According to Essence during an exclusive interview, Tamela prayed about it before making this decision and concluded that asides going on this journey for herself, it would also be a source of encouragement to others;

“I decide that this is the help that I needed because I couldn’t do it my own, I prayed about it for a minute to make sure that I wanted to make this step, Looking over my life and just thinking about everything,

I was like, man, it would be great to be an encouragement to somebody else and not just to help myself get over this journey I’ve been struggling with my whole life because I’ve lost weight and gained weight, and lost weight.

I’m really excited about the lifestyle change and to be able to have people that you can connect with and who can coach you.”

Tamela also took to social media to share the exciting news about her WW partnership in hopes of inspiring others with their weight loss goals.

“I’m so excited to start my @ww_us journey! I joined @ww_us because I’m really ready for this lifestyle change and I know WW, the new Weight Watchers, can help me lose the weight– Let the journey begin…”

The Weight Watchers team represented by Sherry Thompson, SVP of Community Engagement & Activation for WW also shared their excitement via social media;

“Tamela Mann is a wonderful addition to our WW family, as we build on our leadership in weight loss to become the world’s partner in wellness, WW aims to make wellness accessible to all by helping millions of people adopt healthy habits for real life.

With Tamela’s help, we hope to inspire more African American women and their communities to live healthier by providing the tools, information, and inspiration to get there.”

Tamela is said to have  been paired with a WW coach and according to her she’s super excited about this experience;

“I mean, our personalities match, and she looks like she could be my sister, For her to have gone through the same kind of battles that I’m dealing with, to me is an encouragement, because I feel like there’s somebody there to help me with what I’m dealing with.

I just want to be healthier. I just want to have a healthier lifestyle. That’s why I’m really pushing and wanting to do this, and to encourage other people to do it with me.”

Tamela went ahead to encourage her sisters out there involved in the weight loss journey;

“First of all, they need to know that we’re not alone and you can still have what you want, within moderation. A lot of times what happens when we say diet, you can’t have this, you can’t have that, and you can’t do that.

That’s not what WW is doing, and that, to me, gave me a little comfort there where I can kind of pat myself on the back where I don’t have to be pushed into a corner of a bunch of you can’t do and you don’t do this.

It has to start individually with ourselves. I’m not just doing this for my family, I’m doing this for myself. A lot of times we’ll want to do everything for everybody else, but I want to encourage people to do it for them.”


Tamela Jean Mann is an American gospel singer and actress who began her career as a singer with the gospel group Kirk Franklin and the Family. She was a featured soloist on several tracks while with Kirk Franklin’s group.

She is known for her role as Cora Simmons in Tyler Perry’s plays, including I Can Do Bad All By MyselfDiary of a Mad Black WomanMadea’s Family ReunionMadea’s Class ReunionMeet the Browns, and What’s Done in the Dark. She has also appeared in movies including Diary of a Mad Black Woman and Madea’s Big Happy Family.

She recorded some songs on the soundtrack for Diary of a Mad Black Woman, including participating in the song “Father (Can You Hear Me)”.

Tamela is the wife of actor David Mann, known for his role as Deacon Leroy Brown in some of Tyler Perry’s plays. In the Madea TV shows and movies, she plays Mr. Brown’s daughter, Cora. They have always worked together professionally. They raised four children together and Tamela’s niece, Sonya. David and Tamela also have eight grandchildren.

In January 2015 a reality show about their family, It’s A Mann’s World, premiered on BET. David and Tamela are devout Christians, and in this program are able to show how they have a fun-loving, balanced family, centered in godly principles and coping with real-life obstacles.


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