By Mexcii

Belgium based Nigerian Funkè Ojo-Emessiri known by stage name Uniekgrace, born in Ondo State, Nigeria on June 2nd is an Urban-Soul singer/songwriter whose music is also influenced by other genre such as Afrobeat and RnB.

Her brand supports the ethics of Family, Culture and Faith. A real believer in her brand, she is a wife, a mother of 4 and a professional nurse who shows her true colours of her ethics to everyone she meets.

In a recent interview with Praiseworld Radio, she spoke passionately about her family;

I have 4 kids and have been married for 10 years. I am an organized person that loves things in order. I am married to my soul mate who supports and helps out in everything. With his help and constant communication, God has been seeing us through’

She also said;

Its all by the unique grace of God. Juggling 4 kids, marriage, full time nurse and also ministry is not easy but am a super organized person so I plan ahead a lot. Take time out with my husband and kids.

When asked about her most trying times, she said

Having my twins was it for me. I was on the bed for almost 4 months and i have given up on them living but God saw us through and each time i remember that time, i realize the unique grace of God upon my life.’

Uniekgrace who just concluded her a radio tour in Nigeria, has a new EP titled ‘E go better’ launched with a listening party in Abuja, while the lead single single is ‘I am a survivor’ is up for free download HERE.