8 Tips On How To Stay Looking Fresh Despite The Dry Season

It’s dry season in this part of the world “Nigeria” and not everyone can afford to have air conditions in their homes and cars. But guess what; there are things to do, types of clothes to wear and still look fresh and non-sweaty.

1. Avoid synthetic and polyester wears.

2. We all have favorite colors, but you can get more of white, blue and other gentle           colors.

3. Avoid more of scotching sun and if you would be going out, get a face-cap, hat or an umbrella.

4. Avoid jackets and all thick materials.

5. Use a deodorant for your arm-pit.

6. Use a sun-shade to protect the eyes from tanning.

7. Use less make-up and pancakes on your face, use more of moisturizers.

8. Take a lot of water to prevent being dehydrated.


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