St. Valentine’s Day: Strictly for those willing to Die for their Spouse

It’s Valentine’s day, right?
It is supposedly a day of Love and Affection.
A day to appreciate one’s spouse and express how much love they have for each other.
A day to dine around a table for two, and for some a day of Laughter, Sex and Excitement.
Millions of humans all over the world plan their year around valentine’s day as it is supposedly a day set for Lovers.

Some even choose this special day to consummate their relationships while some actually get married on this day.
Valentine’s day has unofficially become a day of Luck for many.
Interestingly, a whole lot of people have found LOVE on this day as well which means many couples have their anniversaries on Valentine’s day.

While It is a special day for many, quite a number of people DREAD valentine’s day.
Some may have lost a loved one which is bound to bring sad memories.                          May their souls Rest in Peace.
Also, some relationships may have ended on this day. I’m sure you’re wondering what kind of a person ends a relationship on such a sacred day as valentine’s day?
Who knows? Maybe some normal folks just see every day as a normal day.

Of course, the next set of people who are likely to DREAD Valentine’s day are those who may have never been in Love or in a relationship.
This set of people are forced to be a part of this day, forced to walk past the big red love hearts scattered across every store and the big huge teddy bears inscribed with “I Love You“.
They are forced to watch various individuals surprise their significant other at their offices with Red-colored cakes and love shaped chocolates and forced to experience the day with every other love-struck human.

But in the midst of the celebration, confessing of love and exchanging of gifts, the core purpose of Valentine’s Day has been slowly washed away.                                              According to History, February 14 is celebrated as St. Valentine’s Day in various Christian denominations; Anglican, Lutheran, Roman Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox Church.

The name ‘Valentine’ was given to Christian Martyrs who had made great sacrifices and laid their lives down for the advancement of Christianity.

One of such legends was Saint Valentine, a priest of Rome who was imprisoned for assisting and encouraging Christians.

According to Bede’s Martyrology, while in Prison Saint Valentine was interrogated by Roman Emperor Claudius who took a liking to him and tried to save his life by attempting to convert him to Roman paganism but Valentine refused and was eventually executed.

The name ‘Saint Valentine’ was associated with men who had shown love in the worst situations, men who were ready to sacrifice and willing to die for Christ.
Although the Celebration of Saint Valentine has no link with Romantic Love the message behind it is as clear as day. Love equals Sacrifice

Unfortunately, in this era, the concept of LOVE in itself has now been reduced to a feeling and so we are left with a number of humans with this school of thought;

“I choose to love you because that’s how I feel about you” but the moment I see you in a different light, the moment I see your flaws; your impatience, your imperfections, that feeling suddenly disappears.

This same Love that was so exciting and made you feel so good and made the world look so much brighter suddenly dies the moment trouble comes knocking.As a result, a long trail of broken hearts and broken relationships are littered all over the earth.

The reality is, many are simply looking for what I call; Mannequin Love; perfection without a scratch or a dent, a smooth ride without bumps. The world seems to be filled with humans who are not ready to work towards Love.

According to Father O’ Gara

Love—human love and sexuality is wonderful and blessed by God—but also the shadow of the cross.

If Valentine were here today, he would say to married couples that there comes a time where you’re going to have to suffer. It’s not going to be easy to maintain your commitment and your vows in marriage“.

Valentine’s day may not be scriptural but it sends a clear message as to what it truly means to Love. These Saints gave their lives, our father, Jesus Christ also gave his life for all of mankind.

So while you’re exchanging gifts and showering doses of love on your spouse, take a moment to ask yourself, Can I lay my life down for this woman/man?

Do I love him/her enough to sacrifice my life for him/her?

If your answer is sharp ‘Yes’ then I can gladly welcome you to join the Saints of Love. But If you paused before giving a ‘Yes’ then there is a fair chance that your Marriage or Relationship is likely to be dissolved.

Lastly, if you answered with sharp ‘NO!’ then your case my dear brother/sister is critical and I advise strongly that you stay clear and far away from Relationships and Marriage because there is no token of Love inside of you.

John 15:13
The greatest way to show LOVE for friends is to DIE for them

Happy Valentine’s Day!




Written by

Tobiloba Joshua

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