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christmas story

Lagos, NG — Nigerian Inspirational Spoken word Artiste, Dachief Umoh has a Christmas Gift for you. He calls it  The Christmas Story. This is a Spoken Word Piece which expresses the true essence of Christmas and yes Dachief gave this a great shot.



This is the story of Christmas

It is Christ mass so let’s move en mass

In worship of the creator of the whole world whose love defies the principle of litmus

So from Saturn with no pattern, to every planet, brothers, sisters

Let’s raise the praise to Him who wants but does not need any assistance

When a story line begin with a flashback

There is this funny feeling that you have a full knowledge of the content of the pack

And then the guessing game begins, trying to save ourselves from the shock that the unexpected brings, we shock ourselves beyond what our minds could ever think.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Christmas

Ever asked why everybody celebrate Christmas

Ever imagined why walls that divide us have no stone upon another during Christmas

Did you know that where you see hydrogen and oxygen, soon you will hear Christmas?

So don’t be shocked when CNN will report the celebration of Christmas in Mars

Wrapping of gifts, keeping homes clean, the trees, the flowers we tend for hours

Looking to government, the sun or gen for power

Our mind wants to take a shower and our joy longs for the top of the towers


This is the story of a King who didn’t have to buy gifts to present but wrapped himself in a high budget apartment with very cheap rent

He was rich, famous, full of glory, honour and dignity

It wouldn’t be wrong if you call Him a celebrity

He was poor, unimportant, immaterial and so insignificant

But let me say he was not born with all the in and un cants

Going back to where it all began

He used to be a prince in his Father’s house

His Father being a king you are very sure nothing would be lacking in the house

He was sure of having everything wonderful, from blouse to spouse, even the cows in the house will leave you with no words except words on words WOW.

Everything went on smoothly until that one day he will always remember

Not because it brings joy but because he still wishes Daddy never flared His temper

Now he is living with disjointed members.

The maids in the palace were nice and caring people… they had smiles always in their pockets and are always willing to give out without thinking

Why should they think when it cost them nothing to get

Food was never a problem but Daddy always preached about the dangers of taking food from strangers

Little Prince was free to play around the palace like it was nobody’s business

Everybody and animals of the palace loved and respected him because he was handsome and full of authority as though he was a king.

Of course he was a king in his own right.

Strolling around the palace, looking at and admiring everything like they can never hurt

Hugging and talking to the animals that had rooms in the castle of his heart

The art was beautiful until he met and had a conversation with Mr Lucy

Former Chief of Staff to the King with salaries and entitlements so juicy

With just one fruity bite beauty bid him good night leaving him in a Jacuzzi of black lights

Opening his eyes to the ugliness of the once beautiful sight

Relationship, once beautiful now ugly and he is cast out of the palace

The king couldn’t stand because at this point His temper had lost balance

Leaving him to wander in the wonderland like Alice

Wasn’t a common practice, but Mr. Callous gave him a lift to change of Status

Empty Palace without the Prince, he is out on the street trying to take care of business

Oh! Juvenile delinquency, blindfolded and unable to see through Daddy’s seeming stiffness

Time has gone by and Baby boy daddy misses you so bad,

Can’t you see that none of the maids have what it takes to make Him glad

I see you searching for beauty in the arts and history in your infinix hot pad

Neither infinix nor the maids could make the family glad

The king knew that search was futility even unto infinity

So He ignored the abilities that lie in His super masculinity

He left the city wrapped in something the prince could relate to, even at his level of deficiency

The family needs this symphony again or aren’t you tired of leading different choir to sing the only part that has held you in captivity.

Daddy needs you back because the music is sweeter when it’s done in harmony

Daddy needs you to come back and grow up into sonship

But you can’t take His throne because He will never stop breathing

Bruce yourself like Catilyn’s gender to fit into His agenda of making you His queen

So that you can rule and reign with Him

As we tend the trees and keep our homes clean and green

As we display and devour local, national and continental cuisines

As we visit the big screen just to have fun enjoying every scene

As we wrap gifts and receive gifts from Mr Santa

Let’s not forget to remember that the King is still out there on the street with arms open to receive every prince that left the palace in joy or sadness.

In case you didn’t know, He is out there with Love, Kindness and no violence

His heart is heavy; He knows your address but can’t see you in the dark so come out of the darkness.

Stop the malice; follow Him back to the palace where all the fun experienced by no planet can be a daily practise

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Advance.

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