Barely 4 months after the release of a double studio album “Indescribable” and “New Beginning”, making the total number of her studio albums 8, Isabella drops yet another single ‘Rain On Me‘. Seems there is just so much music stirring up from her soul that she can hardly keep it to herself.

The worship leader, songwriter and gospel recording artiste, Isabella Melodies has over the years built a reputation in writing songs that have their source in the word of God, songs that come from a sincere heart of worship.

Her new single “Rain On Me” attests to her consistency is giving us songs valid in the place of worship.

While listening to the 6 mins, 23 mins long tune, you can’t overlook the commendable work Greenwox put into it’s production. He literally gives the live feel that makes you see yourself in a congregational worship setting, with world class instrumentation.

Oh! The instrumentation? Impressive. I personally believe the strength of songs like these are in the instrumentation and backline vocals, which both come in top notch on this song, complimented by Isabella’s passionate lead vocals.

While I can’t score the song a 100%, it comfortably sits within the distinction borders. It’s powerful climax makes you totally overlook whatever shortcoming it might have, not even mentioning the break out of tongues that leads you into a place of prayer.

Rain on Me” is a timely and impeccable song for this season, a time when genuine Christians are crying for a global spiritual awakening to the truth of the gospel of Christ; also a season when there is a lot of spiritual lethargy and boredom even in the body of Christ.

It is not just a song of worship, but one of heartfelt prayer to God.

I particularly love her pattern of prayer. She starts off with praises to God “Lord my father, God my healer, Ruler of my world… Precious Jesus, my Redeemer, ever Living Word” before delving into her cry for heaven’s rain..

Let your rain of refreshing, your showers of blessing, and the fresh dew of heaven rain on me” She does likewise in the second verse.


This melodious energetic song is set to stir up your desire for God in the place of prayer and worship.

We recommend you get a copy of this song (Click HERE), add it to your worship/prayer playlist, and during your next prayer session, allow it play while you pray along (in tongues if you can) as it spins.

“Rain On Me” is a good worship song. I rate it 4 stars.

It gets me wondering, What is Isabella up to next?…Hmnnn…