MUSIC: Seun Francisco – Tèlé

Artist: Seun Francisco & The Nu-Natives
Song Title: Tèlé

Tèlé is a short form of the Greek word. ‘Telesphoreo’, which means a type of perfection that refers to the fullness or ripened state of a thing or being.

The song ‘Tèlésphoreo’ (Perfection), is a song of celebration that talks about the results, impact and testimonies of putting the word of God to work, which brings perfection and completion according to Ephesians 4:11-13.

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TÈLÉ -Telesphoreo (perfection)

[Verse 1]
I heard a special message from my pastor one day
He say my life complete in Jesus no be shere-shere
I believe o, He say everything i need, joy, peace and health
riches, fulfillment and rest
is all in Christ
As I do the Word,
My life start to align I surprise o..

See me see perfection
i am a wonder to the nations
One thousand times greater greater
Excellence all the way

I praise Eledumare for His love.
He’s fulfilled every promise in His Word
Nations and Cities marvel at my sight
cos I’m aligned, anointed and complete
See my life is perfected (PERFECTED)
I bring water from rock eh (PERFECTED)
Exploits by the Spirit (PERFECTED)
Fruitful, fat and productive (PERFECTED)
I don’t struggle to shine oh (PERFECTED)
I control economies oh (PERFECTED)
bi ere bi ere
Testimonies everywhere.. eh!

[Bridge] Instrumental #####

Telesphoreo -4x
Excellence all the way

Seun francisco, full name Olowojuni Seun Francis, is a talented music minister, artist, songwriter and actor. He is well-known for afro, pop, rock, folk/world, soul, reggae, classical and hip hop genres of music.
Tèlé is a fusion of afro and folk genres.

He has ministered and performed on both local and international platforms within and outside Christ Embassy.


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