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Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! I have news for you, I will be releasing my first single next month-April- same date as when “Priscilla’s Place” clocks one on Praisworld Radio- Whoop Whoop!!!..So excited honey.. Watchout- Oh! Please forgive my manners. Got carried away {Laughing}How are you all doing? Okay Saying NO, I bet you cant guess the direction am going! – Saying NO is what am ranting about today…..Hey just go with my flow- Its a freestyle today.


Hummmn!) well, erm! erm! Clearing throat (stuttering) I love Reality Music Inclined TV shows like: The Sheards, MaryMary, The Voice, Its a Mann’s World, American Idol, X- Factor, The Braxtons.. and I wont lie, I sometimes sneak to watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta (laughing) Please don’t ask me how I create time to watch them. ( Rolling my eyes) and if you don’t know these TV Shows, with all due respect, please Check YouTube heheheh! NO shade!

So I watched an episode where Erica Campbell on the Marys’ almost damaged her voice permanently as a result of insufficient rest and too much pressure, stress and strain on the vocals. Her doctor instructed her to go on a music break for I think 6months… Trust Erica, the next minute she was onstage.. Hahahah!! Well, Priscilla’s Adage says:

“If the vocal is lost you might as well kiss your music career goodbye!”

I have been so baffled by the way most artistes take care of themselves vocally. Most singers really don’t know when to draw the line, or pleasantly say “NO” to some shows, performance, events, concerts, etc. and I seriously do not blame them (man gotta eat!) Maintaining our vocals as singers is of great essence.
So as I was pondering on these, I heard a knock at the Door, Guess who was knocking? “Isabella Ogo- Uzodike aka #MGBEKE4JesusMama (hahahahah)” & Evans Ogboi. ‎Said they were passing by probably working on the video of “All Hail The King“and decided to check on me… (Awwwwwh! Too cool) So I threw the question of Voice Preservation and saying “No”

Isabella and Evans are Nigerian Gospel artistes, Psalmists, Leaders, Producers, Song-writers, Directors, Worshippers, Vocalists and Multi-Award Winners. Both live in the UK and travel a lot to sing and perform.
(again if you do not know them, please google Isabella Ogo-Uzodike and Evans Ogboi.}

DIALOGUE with Isabella & Evans


Isabella Melodies


Evans Ogboi











Isabella: Hello Babe, first of all, please ask Erica Campbell to lend me her voice while she rests for 6 months!

Priscilla: Haahahah*** MGBEKE 4 Jesus Mama {All Laughs)

Evans: For me, it is when I sing less that I tend to loose my voice.

Priscilla: WOW!!! Really?

Evans: Yeah, consistent use of my voice gives better result than occasional use.

Isabella: As for me, I’m a messenger girl! I go where my Boss sends me. Seriously, a voice coach advised me last year to take a six months voice break because I was losing my voice so frequently after each ministration. I rested it for 2 weeks and was back to singing.

Priscilla: 2 Weeks out of 6 months? Haba!

Isabella: Oh girl I’ve told you am a Messenger. LOL!

Priscilla: {Laughs} yes yes I hear you. Heheheh! So what or how do you preserve your voice?

Isabella: There are so many home remedies I’ve been taught which I find helpful. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer to your question because everyone’s different and have different ways of taking care of their voice. What works for one may not work for another.

Evans: GBAM!

Isabella: Bishop, you’re not saying anything, please talk…

Evans: (laughs) Like Mama said we have different measures. For some people, nothing affects their voice.
One of my home remedies when my voice goes hoarse from overuse is a table spoon of olive oil an hour or so before singing. It really helps me. Some people take honey but honey dries up my throat. I sometimes chew on raw ginger. It’s a hit and miss situation though. I try to relax my shoulders and smile a lot before singing to calm my nerves and relax my vocal chords.

Well, avoid stress, keep warm, do vocal warm ups before singing,

Isabella: Bishop Evans is bringing the Word!!!

Evans: But seriously, if a voice therapist tells me to go on a break, I will surely obey.

Isabella: Hummn! On that note, we would love to be on our way..

{All Laughs)

Isabella & Evans Stands up to leave

Priscilla: Hold on please, I have a question for you @Isabella

Isabella: Yes Hun?

Priscilla: After the Commercial break hehehehe! (All burst out laughing)‎

TO My Lovely READERS: Singers, Psalmists, Performers, Artistes, take care of your vocals..‎learn to say no sometimes, take a break and come back stronger.‎

Hey people, if you are yet to see Evans New Video, “BIGGER” oh trust me you are missing!!! His new video is just PERFECTION and transports you to a place of Sweet Worship ( please click and watch.

I love, respect and admire his talent and anointing, been following his progress for a very looong time- way back from Nigeria.

You know there are some singers that lost their audience while doing those runs and scales- Evans does his runs with his unique vocals and you wont get distracted, he keeps you in the moment! I hope to work with him #OneDay ( dream on girl)

BIGGER by Evans

Hummn! Coming back to Isabella I love this woman to death, there are some people, I drop everything to attend to, she is one of them. I cherish and I respect God’s anointing in her life, humble, real and talented, Isabella and Evans did a Song together produced by Evans -“All Hail the King” ( Her Recent Song) When I tell you they are worshippers, please believe me. Check out the song here.

Isabella & Evans Ogboi - All Hail The King

ALL HAIL THE KING by Isabella feat Evans


Priscilla: Oh yes Isabella, back to my last question, before I let you go, I heard you’ve been nominated for 2 awards in the UK, Please tell me about it and how we can vote.

Isabella: I am indeed grateful to God and I will keep singing for him. All you have to do is SEND AN EMAIL. You are allowed to send from your multiple email addresses so please do! Just copy the text below and paste it into a new email, and send the email to

Artist: Isabella Melodies
Category: Album of the Year (All That I am)

Artist: Isabella Melodies
Category: Female Artist of the Year (Praise & Worship)”

Thank you so much for your support.

Priscilla:There you go! So go on people send those mails and vote for Isabella Melodies

Dear Readers, and my lovely guests, thanks for stopping by Priscillas’ Place today Keep visiting to read more stuffs, ……….Sshhhhhhhh… Don’t touch that dial!!!

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