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After already kicking off with ‘Mirror’, SammyAcoustic continues the 2020 mission by releasing his latest single title ‘Your Rules’.

SammyAcoustic fuses the electricity in the song perfectly with the message as it works together to give a beautiful piece.

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Ahn ahn ahn oooh oooh
Ahn ahn ye ye ye ye yeeeh!

Verse 1
Judging me down
You’re not helping me now
You say I don’t know Christ
Coz you don’t like my style.
So you come in your scarf,
Na you holy pass (Holier than thou)
But if I add some swag,
You go say me no be christian (You’ll deny my Christianity)

Jesus is the centre of our faith
Jesus is the unifying factor
Dispense the truth without jara or ajasa (..without unnecessary additions)
Free the excesses, no be you die for those sins


The rules you make don’t help anybody grow
The walls you build don’t help anybody grow
Shèbí God is the boss, shèbí God is the king
Spirit-conscious is what we should be
Can’t look like this, can’t look like that – we emphasize
and now becoming only physically conscious


Verse 2
Who get standard?
Who makes the rules?
Shèbí love is the answer
Why all the taboos?
We gotta be attractive
We gotta be sticky
So people see Jesus
And then they gravitate to him




Is he circumcised? Is she circumcised? –
That’s what you’re checking?
But circumcision profits nothing, in case you’ve forgotten
What happened to fellowship?
In the minor is where you’re majoring
Misplaced priorities – ignore the most important things

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