Sam Obafemi Speaks On Forthcoming Behavioural Change Practitioners Conference


Nigeria is a very fertile ground for everyone. We only have been prospecting her on inferior terms. When the idea of the Practitioners Conference was conceived, it hinged on a passion to create a new movement for individuals who love to make impact and yet make profiting from their works.

Every day, the market is increasingly being populated with passionate, ambitious Nigerians who want to help other Nigerians through tools available to them; but why is there a wide gap between the volume of practitioners and the impact they are making? Why are there more problems than solutions? More quacks than thoroughbreds? More attaches than professionals? More ‘make do’s’ than ‘wealthy practitioners’? What is amiss?


This conference is not one-off. It is a new direction that pursues a lifetime of creating wealth, influence and returns for everyone who is willing to THINK DIFFERENTLY. This is a clarion call for us to change the dynamics of the game and by that, become masters of the craft.

Every individual who has ever tried to assist another individual to become better at how they think, speak or do anything; such individuals are qualified to attend this conference. You are already a practitioner.


Brace up, secure your seat today and look forward to engage and be engaged. I bring you Africa’s best conference, the annual Behavioural Change Practitioners Conference.

To register, call 0807 361 0884, OR send an email to


Coach samOBAFEMI
Behavioural Change Advisor
Abuja. Nigeria

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