Pure Flix Actress Sadie Robertson calls for Prayer for President Trump and America


Sadie Robertson Prays for President Trump

Pure Flix Actress and motivational singer Sadie Robertson is calling on people to pray and encourage President Donald Trump.

The ‘Duck Dynasty’ actress told her followers to pray for the USA President even though he does not deserve it.

Sadie posted a video on her YouTube channel and said she is praying for her country as well as for her president.

She encouraged her followers to show love to President Trump irrespective of him deserving it or not.

She further added that believes in him and for this reason she is  she is rooting for the President.

“I’m going to pray over our nation. I’m going to pray over our president,” she said.

“Let’s send Trump some love. It’s not about what he deserves.

It’s not about that.

It’s about what we believe and Mr. Trump, if you’re watching this, I am rooting you on,

” she said. “… I wanted to let you know I believe the best in you.”

The reality TV show actress said she wants to help shape the world and make a difference in her generation.

“I want to help shape the passion and the love of our generation,

and I don’t want to spend my time on things that aren’t making a difference,” Robertson said.

“And I hope that this makes a difference in your heart and encourages you and all of the

people in our country.

I so desperately want for this country to come together. I pray for the hearts tonight in America,

that they would become convicted to not live a comfortable lifestyle of hiding from what they know to be right

because they are scared to speak it out,” she said.

She added further in the video prayer for America and prayer of repentance for people of America.

I pray for a repentant country tonight, that we will ask for your forgiveness for the things we have done.

I am so sorry God for the way that we have turned.”



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