Tribute to Rev Wale Akinronbi – The Father Figure

Rev Wale AkinronbiIf I ask you what a father means to you, what would you say? A person who expects his son to be as good a man as he was meant to be? Or someone who is always there when needed. I have heard the story of good fathers but of a great father, few have I heard.

On the first day I walked my foot into the Father’s House, I expected it to be one of those religious places to worship but indeed it proved to be more than just a place of worship, it was an abode of commitment, friendship and a home.

Seeing a man stepping on the altar to preach, I saw a father in whom I could confide because he talked so sincerely and yet spirit filled. Then I knew that fathers are different from one another.

Rev Wale AkinronbiRev Wales reminds us of how we should live our life in leading other people to greatness and that is the direct replica of his impact on us. Wisdom says, to be successful you have to see a business opportunity others did not see and that is your investment in people. My man of God is a charismatic, bold, cheerful, reliable leader in whom one should believe in and you proved to be more than this. We dare not dispute the fact that Christ Jesus laid down the foundation for the world, but you were called to inspire greatness to the world through your ministry.

A father like no other

A father who would visit you in your home and would still be host.

A father whose lifestyle transcends down to our inner mind.

My father Rev Wale Akinronbi is no other father than that person who is always ready to listen when you speak.

Who am I not to speak good of all the wonderful things he has done for us. We are affirming you today; we will continue to pray and support you because indeed you are a father figure to many and we pray your legacy goes beyond what anyone can think of.

This season celebrates you. May you grow well and reap the fruits of your labour which you have invested in us.

Happy birthday in advance dad! Rev Wale Akinronbi

October 12th loading…hurray!!!

Article contributed by Sunday Onoja


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