Damilola Oluwatoyinbo shared a story on Instagram about how his son comes to embrace him with great joy and happiness each time he gets back from work. He linked the scenario to explain our relationship with God.

He shared this message through a video on his Instagram page expressing how his relationship with his son helps him understand his relationship with God.

He stated that no matter what his son does, whatever mode his son goes into; crying or cranky he will always love him. He went on to describe moments were he tickles his son and he responds with joy and laughter stating those moments always makes him so happy as a father.

He then linked the experience with how God our heavenly father loves it when we respond to his tickles wit Joy and how God wants us to embrace his Goodness with excitement.

He described another scenario where his son, having noticed him as he returned from work ran towards him, while running past an ottoman just so he could reach his father.

Pastor Oluwatoyinbo went on use the ottoman to represent an obstacle and encouraged his Instagram followers stating that just like his son they should learn to run past every barrier that comes their way.

He urged them to keep their eyes on Jesus and ignore whatever troubles come their way. He then advised them to always run towards God with excitement and laughter.

He explained further that after his son reached him, he lifted him high up, higher than he could ever reach. Then he buttressed his point stating that it is exactly what God will do when we reach out to embrace Him. He will lift us higher than we can ever imagine.

“My relationship with my son is helping me grasp key aspects of my relationship with God in clearer terms.. No matter what the boy does, I love him.

Crying or whining.
Cranky or cute.
Sweet or “stand off-ish”

Regardless of his state or mood, I cherish him.

He can’t cry his way out of my love for him.
He can’t poop his way out.
He can’t scatter his way out of it.

I love him. Always!

However, I really like it when he’s thrilled by my presence.

When he giggles as I tickle him. His cute, innocent chuckles trickle down my heart like a sweet song. The peculiar grin on his face and the glint in his eyes spark flames of joy in my heart.

I know God loves us regardless.
I also believe that He likes it when we respond to His “tickles” with corresponding delight.

He wants us to respond to Him,
To embrace every manifestation of His goodness with eagerness and excitement.

Yes, there may be times we don’t “feel” Him but those shouldn’t be the norm.

Last night, my son scampered and went past the ottoman in his way just to be in my arms. He laughed his way through.
He went the distance.

What’s the “ottoman” in your way?

A disappointment?
Pending promise?
Seeming denial?

Go past them.

Hold the vision of your loving Father in your heart and let the thoughts of resting in His strong and secure arms draw you closer to Him.

Approach Him with joy and gladness.


When I carried Carmine last night, I raised him higher and carried him further than he could carry himself.

As you relish God’s embrace today, you’d be delighted at how high He will lift you and how far He will carry you.

Remember, He’s the One with the OUTSTRETCHED ARMS”.


About Damilola Oluwatoyinbo

A dynamic speaker, insightful writer, personal-transformation expert, corporate trainer and spiritual leader, his mission is to empower his generation to maximize their strengths, unlock their true glory, and lead purposeful and impactful lives.

As a leader, he has delivered inspiring results in the fields of marketing, management, ministry, and missions both locally and internationally.

Damilola is happily married to his best friend and teammate, the delectable Toju, they are blessed with an adorable son, Carmine and they are fulfilling their life’s mission together.